On the good side of the line

On the good side of the line is one of 28 Achievements in The Respawnables.

The description says: Be on Victorious team in TeamVS

This achievement is earned as soon your team in a Team VS match is in first place, being second place will count as failure.

The reward for this Achievement are 5 Score Points.

Tips & TricksEdit


You will need to cooperate with your team mates in order to win the match. The winning team will be the one that collects the most team points during the match. Team points are earned by collecting Medals dropped by killed enemies or Medals dropped by your fallen team members and yourself. Enemy players leave a medal after being killed and so as your team members and yourself.


  • The title of the achievement is a reference to the popular line from Star Wars: "Come to the Dark Side of the Force".
  • The Achievements picture shows a dark side and a bright side suppose it is trying to emphasize the evil in the dark side and good in the bright side and your suppose to go to the good side by winning.