Old style shooting

Old Style Shooting is one of 28 Achievements in The Respawnables.

The description says Kill 25 enemies with the Revolver.

Note that only enemies in the Mission Mode count as enemies.  Enemies in Multiplayer do not work for this Achievement.

The reward for this achievement are 5 Score Points (when achieved during a match).

Tips & TricksEdit

This weapon is efficent in mowing down enemies from long range despite it's contradicting range. Because of the very high accuracy of this weapon, the range is somehow increased as well, making this weapon extremely proficent in taking down enemies and getting headshots. It is able to defeat enemies in 1 to 4 shots, depending on the distance and if it is a headshot. So once you get the revolver, this achievement will be easy to complete.

Trivia Edit

  • Its name and icon may refer to how revolving handguns are prominently featured in Old West type of films.