Noisy Cricket Cutted
This is the page where you can learn more on how to counter the Noisy Cricket.

What is the Noisy Cricket

The Noisy Cricket is a gun that costs $6.99 Dollar1. It is a part of the MIB Special Agent Gear. It fires a wave of circles which has a MASSIVE splash Damage at short Range. It has slow reload and the recoil throws the player backward every time its fired. 

Learn more about it here.

What to Do

  • Take advantage of the harsh recoil of the Noisy Cricket. When the user shots the recoil sents him flying backwards, their heads are lowered. This makes them EXTREMELY vulnerable to headshots. Strafe around and try to surivive one shot, then fire away at the players while their heads are lowered (Which usually results in a headshot).
  • With close range weapons like Blunderbuss or Shotguns, it is highly recommended that the player should try to ambush the Noisy Cricket users from behind, a direct approach won't be effective, but it will still kill the enemy.
  • Long range weapons are also good counters to the Noisy Cricket, since the Noisy Cricket's Range is limited. Weapons such as Anti Material Sniper and Howitzer Gun are typical examples. It is also recommended to attack from a high vantage point. However, be sure to move around if the Noisy Cricket user gets into the killing range.
  • Mid range weapons such as Chemrail and Revolver are great counters to Noisy Cricket. At mid range, side-step left and right. Since the fire rate and the bullet speed of the Noisy Cricket is slow, a missed shot can give the player a chance to kill.
  • Use Stun Grenade to give you some time to finish off the user.
  • When fighting at high grounds where players could easily fall off (such as the platforms in Eastside District and Sandtown, or the ledges and the top of the submarine in Frozen Bay), once again take advantage of the harsh recoil of the Noisy Cricket. Try to force the Noisy Cricket users to stand close to the edge of the high platform, so when the players fire, they would be thrown off the ledge/platform. If you do survive the shot, you would not have to worry too much about them re-firing, as usually they would not be able to effectively fire at you again from their fallen positions.
  • Since people who use the Noisy Cricket usually focus on Agility, they are easy to kill if you can hit them. Thumper and Hunter Rifle can easily one shot kill them.
  • When confronting them, at mid range, move aside. When they see you, they want to shoot you. So, before they shoot/or when they shoot move aside (Either Left or Right) quickly. It will make them miss most of the time, thus giving you some time to shoot them. This skill is most effective in open spaces. It is not very effective in maze like maps.
  • Since it takes two shots to kill now, Medikit is effective to give you more time to defeat the user and win the fight.

What NOT to Do

MIB and GHOSTBUSTERs in respawnables

Noisy Cricket Released In The Movie Star's Pack.

  • Stand still.
  • Staying in open spaces if the enemy is ambushing.
  • Running straight towards the user.
  • Attack the user while injured, with only a quarter Health.
  • Run straight towards the user.
  • Standing still.
  • Engage at short distance while using a weaker weapon.

What to Wear

Cricket sucks

Noisy Cricket's Recoil.

Head: Any Head armor that boosts 7% Agility or more.

Body: Any Body armor that boosts 7% Agility or more.

Legs: Any Leg armor that boosts at least 7% Agility.


From the most recommended to the least.

Medikit, use it after you got shot in order to replenish the dealt damage. 

Spotter is very useful when you need to know the enemies positions. 

Stun Grenade/Energy Grenade will stun the user, for some time, However, you have to be a bit experienced to used these two gadgets.

Immunity Shield provides the user full protection for a 5 seconds. 

Stealth can be a good counter when used with the Cyber Ninja Breastplate (unless he uses Spotter).

What Weapons to Use

Close Range: Blunderbuss, Double Barrel Shotgun, Automatic Shotgun, Elite Assault Rifle.

Medium Range: Revolver, Flare Gun, ChemrailGuitar Machine Gun, Dual Rookie Machine Guns etc.

Long Range: Howitzer Gun or any Sniper.

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