As you may know, the MIB Noisy Cricket was one of the three One Shot Kill weapons (Besides the Thumper and Flare), and many people considered it OP. Although, during the Easter Holiday Update (2015), it is nerfed, it requires 2 shots kill, or just one for an injured enemy. Here's a page for you to learn on how to use the Cricket.


There're 2 seperate ways to use the Cricket: Camping or Rushing.

Here's some instruction when using these two techniques:

Camping: Just camp. Don't move much, you can kill higher level players with this technique. Just hide and wait for them. Don't worry about Shotguns, you'll outrange and outdamage them.

It is also advised to use Health Clothing (20% and above).

Recommended gadgets are Medikit or Spotter.

Rushing: Run and Gun. Just run and shoot anything in sight. Don't back down, just kill em all. You'll get more kills with this technique compared to Camping, but you'll be more vulnerable.

It is advised to use Agility Clothing (14% above).

Recommended Gadgets are Medikit, Stealth, and Immunity Shields.

The Cricket Stun: If you are against many blunderbusses, drop a stun grenade in front of you then knock yourself back so that the blunderbuss player gets stunned and you don't. This method can be utilized with multiple blunderbuss enemies as well.



Both Health and Agility are important with the Cricket. Therefore, it is advised to use either 14% Agility with 10% Health or 20% Health with 7% Agility. Using maximum versions of Health and Agility (30% and 21%, respectively) can also be effective.

Against Other Weapons

Shotguns and Blunderbuss: Against these weapons, you'll do fine, just avoid real close combat or just outrange them. Be careful not to get ambushed.

Revolver: Revolver is also easy to beat, simply shoot them at sight and time your shots perfectly. Although, keep in mind, a highly skilled Revolver users can dodge the bullet(because of the agility) and can kill you easily, during the harsh recoil, as your head is pushed down, thus a headshot is upon you. Plus, 3 shots when you are not ready or when you missed, is your downfall. Remember, a high skilled Revolver users can defeat the fastest Cricket users.

Explosives: Explosives are quite hard to beat, but they're not invincible. Just take lots of cover and you'll be fine.

Sniper Rifle and Anti Material Sniper: DODGE.

Flare Gun: The Cricket's mortal enemy. Try to dodge their shots and counter, or try to shoot first. Though most duels end in a draw (Both players die). Another thing is, the Cricket's bullets are faster than the Flare's, so it is easier for you to dodge.


  • Quite high damage.
  • Decent range.
  • Recoil can help you escape dangerous situations.
  • Amazing accuracy.
  • Big bullet radius.
  • High agility.
  • Can explode.
  • With correct aiming, the bullet can go through objects, killing whoever hiding behind it. Especially at the edge of walls.


  • Recoil immobilizes you.
  • Has only a single bullet.
  • Damage decreases at long ranges.
  • During the harsh recoil, you can't use gadgets (except if its already applied to you, like spotter or immunity shield).
  • The Recoil can get you killed by enemies.
  • The range is not too long. If the enemy is quite far away from you, instead of one shot kill them, it will only reduces the health depending on the range, and will not kill them.

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