The Neuralyzer MIB stuns any player within a two meter radius from the player. However,due to the long charge time, the player requires a certain amount of skill to time the flash of the Neuralyzer. It is an effective gadget to defuse heated close combat situations. There will be a bright flash at your screen(blind) before you get stun. Being stunned will cause several blue question marks to pop over the victim's head, indicating their confusion.

It costs $2.99 Dollar1 to purchase a pack of 15 Neuralyzers. 


  • Arguably the best defensive gadget available, second only to the Immunity Shield.
  • Best used in situations where the player is surrounded by hostiles. If used, this grants the player two feasible options, that is to fight or flight.


  • The player has to be within 2 meters for it to be effective which sometimes may lead to the death of the player if the opponent wields a strong weapon.
  • The gadget activation time takes 3 seconds meaning the player has to avoid being killed during the process.
  • Costs real money.

Counter guideEdit

Getting tired of this gadget? Click here to know how to keep your memory!


  • The Nerualyzer is a gadget that as a compact memory eraser, used to make people forget extraordinary scenes in the Men in Black movies.
  • It is one of the most rarely used gadgets in Multiplayer.
  • Oddly enough, the Ghostbusters Pants resists the stun, rendering this gadget useless.
  • This is the first gadget that can only be purchased through paying real currency.


  • Old appearance of the Neuralyzer MIB
  • New appearance of the Neuralyzer MIB
  • The neuralyzer in the movie.