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Respawnables - Missile Launcher-0

Missile Launcher Gold1

Missile Launcher's skin.

This is the page where you will learn how to counter players using the Missile Launcher. While the weapon may be powerful, it has certain features which can be exploited that allows the player to survive.

What is the Missile Launcher?

The Missile Launcher is a rocket launcher that cost 165 GoldIcon. It can also be obtained along with its skin by completing the last tier on week 1 in the Summer Camp Update. It fires four rockets before reloading which takes more than 4 seconds.

Learn more about it  here.

What to Do

  • Try ambushing the user from close range with a shotgun of type gun.
  • If the first rocket hits you, quickly locate the user and find a safe path to him.
  • Use Medikit to recover your health
  • Wear anti-explosive armors
  • Wait until the user to shoot all 4 missiles (that means you need to count), then attack the user while he is busy reloading
  • Just attack whenever the user is seen to be reloading his Missile Launcher.

What NOT to Do

  • Stay in one place.
  • Stick close to walls and obstacles due to the Area-of-effect ability of the missiles.
  • Don't try to attack in close range if enemy is far enough to destroy you.
  • Attack while injured.
  • Use low damage weapons.

What to Wear

Head: Anti-Explosive Mask

Body: Anti-Explosive Vest, Biker Vest, S.F. Vest.

Legs: Anti-Explosive Pants

Armors: Red Hero Armor, Black Hero Armor.

What Weapons to Use

Close Range:  Any shotgun

Medium Range: Revolver, any assault weapon.

Long Range: Howitzer Gun, any Sniper, Dragon's Breath Cannon

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