This page will tell you about how to use the Minigun, hopefully it will help you whenever you are using it!

About The Weapon


The Minigun

If you are here, it could mean you have finally completed the Salute Our Troops Event. So, do you want to know how to use the Minigun? Getting killed instead of getting kills? Don't worry and read on to know more about the proper technique to use this weapon.


Basically, this weapon is the Siege Cannon on steroids! But what makes a machine gun a great machine gun? A huge clip size, very fast rate of fire, high damage per bullet, long range and fast movement speed despite it's huge size. Guess what, this weapon has all of this!!

Another valuable tactic is to Pre-Fire. What you have to do is basically fire at your opponent before they come out of cover, using Spotter gadget is highly reccomended for this tactic. However be sure when your opponent is going to come out of cover.

Run And Gun: To use this tactic, you must be equipped with at least 7% Agility boosting armors. Because of the mobility this weapon provides, it is possible to run and gun safely. Wearing Accuracy enhancing armors increase the amount of damage this weapon deals at medium range and it also makes the auto aim even more accurate at close range. Move from cover to cover and as soon as your enemy comes in your sight, start shooting at him. If you're engaged in a close-quarter battle, circle around your enemy and keep shooting at him. Collect the medal and move onto your next target. Do not use this tactic in big maps. Also, do not shoot until the target gets in your weapon's effective range.

Camping: This is the best tactic to use against close range weapon users. Just make sure that you choose a proper spot for camping. The place must have at least one object near it to provide cover when needed, it must be at a higher ground, there should not be any corners/turns near the camping spot and you should get a clear view of the field from the camping spot.

What to Wear/Use

Respawnables 4


Priority: Agility > Health > Accuracy .

The Battle Hulk and Raid hulk are a good choice of armour for this weapon.

For Run and Gun and mid to long range combats, use the mixture of health/accuracy and agility.

  • Head: 10% Accuracy
  • Body: 7% Agility OR 10% Accuracy
  • Legs: 7% Agility

You should wear accuracy enhancing armors to increase your accuracy when moving and hence it's very useful for run and gun.

Using a mixture of Health and Agility can be good for close range combats and camping.

You can wear 14% Agility with 10% Health or 7% Agility with 20% Health

Since Shotguns users are the most harmful players in the game for you, wearing Close Quarters Pack armors is recommended.


Spotter: it is good for ambushing and planning attack strategies.

Medikit: If there are other machine gunners in the match, this gadget can help you.

Stealth: To get closer to your enemy without notifying them. (Useful against annoying battle ram users)

Immunity Shield: Useful in close-quarter battles.

Against Others

Shotguns/Blunderbuss: These guys are easy to kill. Just don't let them get closer to you. Keep an eye on their position. as soon as you notice them, start shooting and stand still. Back away if they are getting closer. In close-quarter-combat, keep strafing left or right and keep shooting. Wear Shotgun resistant armors if possible.

Machine Guns: Simply over power them with your damage, the Minigun has great damage compared to other machine guns. However, weapons like the Guitar Machine Gun and the Chemrail can be a problem from a long range in big maps like the Royal Garden. When facing them, get closer to them without getting shot/hurt and start shooting at them before they do and keep running towards them while shooting in a zig-zag pattern. At close to mid range just stand still while shooting.

Flare Gun: In a mid and long range combat, simply dodge it's projectiles and in a close range combat, you can easily dodge it's projectile by circling around them and by strafing left-right. This is due to the Flare Gun's slow projectile. However, if stand still, either he'll kill you before you so or both of you will die. Just don't back away or move straight towards him. Equip full agility boosting armors if possible.

Battle Ram: Your archenemy. Due to the fact that this gun has no damage drop off, this gun is very dangerous from a distance. When the Ram user is camping at longer ranges, stay back and find cover and do whatever you can do to get closer to him without getting noticed. When close enough, start shooting while circling around him.

It takes 2-3 shots of Battle Ram to kill you and from close range, your weapon is capable of killing him before he can fire 2-3 shots. Just keep a little distance between you and him to dodge his bullets. NEVER stand still when shooting at him. If they are camping and there is no way to get closer to them, use Immunity Shield, Stun Grenades or Stealth to get closer to them. Also, shoot from behind a cover if possible.

Sniper Rifle: When encountering them at longer ranges, find cover and get yourself out of their sight. At closer ranges, it's a no brainer that you're just gonna win. Do not ever go straight towards them.

Hunter Shotgun: From long range, you can easily kill them before they can kill you. Just stand still and keep shooting. Compared to this weapon, the Minigun outdoes them at damage output, so use it as an advantage. But the hunter shotgun with the S.F. Headset is very dangerous from a distance and can kill you in a single shot at closer ranges.  The best way to deal with them is by shooting at them from mid range while strafing to avoid getting shot at. In close-mid range combat just stand still while shooting.

Dos and Don'ts


New set, new weapon!


Screenshot 2015-07-05-06-18-29

A-1. Firing from behind a cover.

  • Equip with at least one Agility enhancing armor.
  • Best used from a close-mid range.
  • Wearing the combination of 'Agility and Accuracy enhancing armors is recommended.
  • Always aim for the head whenever possible. Doing this will take half the time required to kill your enemy.
  • In a close and mid range combat, if your opponent's weapon is not a one shot kill weapon (like the flare gun or the thumper), then just stand still and start shooting; even if you are using the run and gun tactic.
  • Start shooting as soon as you get a visual of your enemy.
  • Strafe and circle around your enemy when fighting at closer range.
  • Stand still when fighting at longer range.
  • One started shooting, stop only when you see your enemy's dead body.
  • Always move in a zig-zag pattern or keep srafing in a single diection.
  • Try to find a cover point so you can safely attack at your enemies without taking enemy fire. (Check image A-1)
  • If the enemy is out of range, move from cover to cover, get closer to him and when close enough, start firing.
  • When you have the chance too stand still (Opponent is unaware of your position or encountering a Shotgun at longer ranges) do it, as it will improve your damage output.
  • As stated above, Pre-Firing is very useful and is a valuable tactic, so do it.
  • Use this weapon's damage over range as an advantage against shorter ranged weapons.
  • Use this weapon's damage per second as an advantage at close quarters.


  • Do not head straight towards your enemies if they are using Shotguns or any other one shot kill weapon. Otherwise, it's okay.
  • Do not stop shooting untill your enemy is totally fried.
  • Do not ever move in a forward-backward pattern to avoid enemy fire. It will only make it easier for them.
  • Do not follow/chase down players who have more agility than you.
  • Do not stand still when facing one shot kill weapons or shotguns at a closer range.
  • Do not stand still when encountering other Minigun players at close range but in a mid range combat, if you have started shooting first then standing still is the right option as it increases your weapon's accuracy and damage.
  • Do not reload to often as this weapon has a high ammo capacity alongside a long reload time.
  • Stay in an open area for long period.

Advantages and Disadvantages



  • Long Reload
  • A little difficult to aim at fast players in close quarters combats.
  • Can be outgunned at longer ranges.
  • Agility is not as good as some other weapons.

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