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The Mexican Fiesta event was released on 10th of September 2015, and is in correlation with Día de Muertos, or Day of the Dead.

Update ChangesEdit


3.3.0 - Original Update Released.

Dual Freedom Revolvers

3.3.1 - Bugs/Glitches fix, Tier 14 changed.

3.3.2 - Crash issue on iOS 9 fixed.


No time for a siesta, we are having a fiesta!

Rocket Guitar CaseRevisiom

Join the Mexican Fiesta event and win tons of cash, gold, gadgets as well as new and event-exclusive items for FREE!

- Freedom Revolver: this long classic MX revolver will get you plenty of kills to improve your skills. 

Screenshot 2015-09-23-13-41-03

- Rocket Guitar Case: a camouflaged rocket launcher is every bandido’s dream MX weapon. 

- Mexican wrestler masks: are you a Rudo or a Técnico? These four MX masks will help you excel in the event the Mexican way. 

Wear the Black Charro Gear and party in style. This bundle will make you a lot deadlier when carrying MX weapons: +50% plus damage, +30% faster reload and +7% extra speed! In addition, you can get the exclusive Dual Freedom Revolvers, the official Charro’s MX weapon. Get it now, it’s purchasable for a limited time only! 

Want a tip? Get the MX Pack and skip 3 tiers! This pack contains three lucha libre masks and the exclusive Armed Guitar Case, an MX heavy machine gun hidden in a guitar case…every mariachi’s weapon of choice. 

Join the party at the Fiesta Town! This map features Mexican-inspired props, party effects and mariachi-themed music, all you need to get in the mood for a fiesta!

Mexico’s football T-shirt is back just for the event! Get it now while stocks last!



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