Legs is one of the three types of armors, along with Head and Body. It is usually the cheapest of the three types of armor since few players shoot their enemies at the legs. Although its cheap, it still boosts useful and helpful stats like all armors do. Legs armor can be obtained through different ways. Some legs can be bought through Cash icon, some through GoldIcon, and some can only be bought through $ Dollar1. Some can be bought seperately and some in a bundle. Some can even be obtained for free on events (Easter Bunny Legs, Anti-Explosive Pants, Spec Ops Boots and more).

List of Legs ArmorEdit

Name Boost Level Required Cost
Private Pants (Brown) None Level 1 Free.
Private Pants (Green) None Level 1 Free.
Woodland Camo Pants 2% Health Level 2 950 Cash icon.
Scout 2% Agility Level 4 2,500 Cash icon.
"Dusty" Pants 2% Accuracy Level 5 3,000 Cash icon.
Camping Pants 5% Accuracy Level 7 35 GoldIcon.
Santa's Jump Pants 5% Health Level 7 $6.99 Dollar1.
Hip Hop Pants 2% Agility Level 9 3,500 Cash icon.
Armored Pants 5% Health Level 10 45 GoldIcon.
Warlock Boots

5% Health

+ 5% Agility when equipped with Warlock tagged weapons

None $5.99 Dollar1 or $9.99 Dollar1.
Beige Suit Pants 2% Agility Level 13 8,000 Cash icon.
Yeti Pants 7% Accuracy Level 14 $6.99 Dollar1.
Black Suit Pants 5% Agility Level 16 50 GoldIcon.
Heavy Armor Pants 5% Health Level 17 50 GoldIcon.
Ghostbusters Pants 5% Accuracy None

$3.99 Dollar1 (former price) 

or $11.99 Dollar1 (through Egon's Ghostbusters Kit

or beating tier 5 of Ghostbusters 30th (Event).

MIB Pants 5% Agility None $11.99 Dollar1 (through MIB Special Agent Gear).
Snow Pants 5% Health Level 26 25,000 Cash icon.
Monster Pants

5% Health

+ 5% Agility when equipped with Monster tagged weapons

None $8.99 Dollar1 (previously Bio Hazard (Bundle)

or $9.99 Dollar1 (through Monster Gear)

or tier 10 of Monster Mash (previously 50 GoldIcon)

Cowboy Jeans 5% Agility Level 28 75 GoldIcon.
Desert Pants 10% Health Level 38 85 GoldIcon.
Rioter Pants 10% Accuracy Level 45 85 GoldIcon.
Urban Ops Boots 10% Accuracy None $11.99 Dollar1 (through Urban Ops Pack ).
Urban Pants 7% Agility Level 48 28,000 Cash icon.
Easter Bunny Legs 7% Agility

+ attracts event pickups (6 metres)

None $6.99 Dollar1 (through Easter Bunny Set)

or completing tier 5 of Easter Egg Hunt

or tier 5 of Easter Egg Hunt 2.

Anti-Explosive Pants 10% Health

+ 20% protection against explosives

None $9.99 Dollar1 (through Anti-Explosive Pack

or Tier 5 of Grenade Fest.

Spec Ops Boots 7% Agility

+ 75% protection from Death From Below skill

None $9.99 Dollar1 (through Spec Ops Pack)

or Tier 6 of Salute Our Troops (Event)

or Tier 8 of Road To Glory.

Close Quarters Pants 7% Agility

+ 60% Blunderbuss damage reduction

None $9.99 Dollar1 (through Close Quarters Pack)

or Tier 4 of the 3rd week from the Summer Camp 2.

Cyber Ninja Greaves 7% Agility

+ 25% gadget cooldown reduction

None $9.99 Dollar1 (through Cyber Ninja Gear)

or Tier 5 of the Ninja Path event.

Shadow Hunter Pants 10% Health

+ 7% Agility when equipped with
Monster/Warlock tagged weapons.

None $9.99 Dollar1 (through Shadow Hunter Pack).
Brazilian Warrior Pants 7% Agility

+ 60% Blunderbuss damage reduction.

None $9.99 Dollar1 (through Brazilian Warrior Gear).
Warrior Bunny Pants 7% Agility

+ attracts event pickups (9 meters range)

None $11.99 Dollar1 (through Warrior Bunny Kit).
Classic Santa Pants 5% Agility None $9.99 Dollar1 (through Classic Santa's Gear).

$24.99 Dollar1 (through Mega Santas' Pack.

S.F. Pants 5% Agility

+ 5% extra Agility if equipped with any shotgun

None $11.99 Dollar1 (through Shock Force Kit).
Biker Pants 7% Agility

+ 20% protection against Shotguns

None $11.99 Dollar1 (through Road Warrior Pack).
Black Charro Pants 10% Health

+ 7% Agility when used with any

MX tagged weapon.

None $14.99 Dollar1 (through Black Charro Gear).
Cadet Pants 7% Agility

+ 15% Range for all assault weapons.

None $11.99 Dollar1 (through Cadet Kit)

or Tier 9 of Trial 3 from Winter Camp (Event).

D.M. Pants 5% Agility

+ 5% extra Agility if equipped with any Snipers.

None $14.99 Dollar1 (through Designated Marksman Kit).
Night Santa's Pants 5% Accuracy None $11.99 Dollar1 (through Night Santa's Gear)\

or $24.99 Dollar1 (through Mega Santas' Pack.

Leprechaun's Leggings

7% Agility

+ 30% damage protection against all Heavy Machine Guns.

None $11.99 Dollar1 (through Leprechaun's Pack).
Lucky Pants

5% Agility

+ 5% extra Agility when equipped with any Assault Weapons.


$11.99 Dollar1 (through Lucky Fighter's Pack bundle)

or Trial 1 tier 3 of Saint Patrick (Event).

Freedom Soldier Pants

7% Agility

+ 25% increase fire rate of MX tagged weapons.

None $11.99 Dollar1 through Freedom Soldier Kit.
White Cotton Pants

7% Agility

+ 20% damage reduction against MX tagged weapons.


$11.99 Dollar1 through Freedom Fighter Kit

or Trial 1 Tier 6 Mexican Fiesta 2 (Event).

B.B. Pants

7% Agility

+ 25% damage reduction from Trap Medals.

None $9.99 Dollar1 (through Black Beret Kit).
Outlaw Trousers

5% Agility

+ 5% extra Agility when equipped with a Single Handgun.

None $24.99 Dollar1 (through Outlaw Pack).
Referee Shorts

12% Accuracy

+ 5% extra Agility when equipped with a Single Handgun.

None $24.99 Dollar1 (through Referee Equipment).
Striker Shorts

5% Agility

+ 5% extra Agility when equipped with a dual assault weapon.


$11.99 Dollar1 (through Striker Equipment) or Trial 2 Tier 4 Soccer Madness (Event)

Ghostbuster Jumpsuit (Legs)

10% Health

+ 25% damage reduction by enery weapons.

None $39.99 Dollar1(through Ghostbusters New Kit).
U.F. Pants

12% Health

+ 5% extra Agility when equipped with Heavy Machine Guns.


$11.99 Dollar1(through Unstoppable Force Kit).

$49.99 Dollar1(through Skull Thunder Army).

Drill Instructor Pants

7% Agility

+ Reduces cooldown of handthrow explosive gadgets by 30%.

None $11.99 Dollar1 (through Drill Instructor Set).
Fire Commando Pants

10% Health

+ Provides a 7% speed boost with heavy machine weapons.

None $19.99 Dollar1 (through Fire Commando Set.
Advanced Legs

5% Agility

+ Provides a 10% damage increase with any assault weapons.

None $11.99 Dollar1 (through Advanced Soldier Equipment.
Impaler's Pants

7% Agility

+ Increases by 10% the rate of fire of shotgun weapons.

None $9.99 Dollar1 (through Impaler's Set)

or Completing Tier 8 of Week 1 in Spooky Nights.

Veteran Pants

7% Agility

+ Increases the Accuracy of all Assault Weapons while standing still by 20%.

None $11.99 Dollar1 (through Veteran Soldier Pack.
Padded Boots

7% Agility

+ Increases 7% Agility while using Stealth.

None $11.99 Dollar1 (through Agent Retriever Pack.
Stuntman Pants

12% Health

+ Move 7% faster when carrying a Shotgun.

None $11.99 Dollar1 (through Stuntman Pack).
Fireside Santa's Pants

5% Health

None $9.99 Dollar1 (through Fireside Santa's Gear).
Sabotage Pants

7% Agility

+ Attract medals dropped by enemies and allies

None $14.99 Dollar1 (through Sabotage Pack).
Golden Fire Pants 7% Agility

+ 7% Extra Agility when equipped with Sniper Rifles

None $9.99 Dollar1 (through Golden Fire Pack)
Brazilian Fighter Pants 12% Health

+ 7% Extra Agility when equipped with poison weapons

None $16.99 Dollar1 (through Brazilian Fighter Gear) or $29.99 Dollar1 (through Parade Pack)
Blackbird Greaves 7% Agility

+ Reduce Damage from all weapons by 5%

None $11.99 Dollar1 (through Blackbird Gear)
Lucky Socks 7% Agility

+ Get defense boost for a short time when Double Kill award is achieved with a Gadget

None $9.99 Dollar1 (through Lucky Set)

or $49.99 Dollar1 (through Chest at the Rainbow's End)

or Tier ?? of Trial ?? of Saint Patrick 2 (Event)

Celtic Pants 12% Health

+ The less Agility you have, the more Damage you get.

None $16.99 Dollar1 (through Celtic Chest) or $49.99 Dollar1 (through Chest at the Rainbow's End)
Forest Shadow Pants 7% Agility

+ Increase Accuracy by 10% while standing still

None $19.99 Dollar1 (through the Forest Shadow Gear) or $29.99 Dollar1 (through The Big and Bright Easter Egg)
Classic Hunter Jeans 12% Accuracy

+ Klling an enemy heals you

None Tier 8 of Trial 3 of Easter Egg Hunt 3 or $11.99 Dollar1 (through the Classic Hunter Bag) or $29.99 Dollar1 (through the The Big and Bright Easter Egg)
  • The Private Pants (Brown)
  • The Private Pants (Green)
  • The Woodland Camo Pants
  • The Scout
  • The "Dusty" Pants
  • The Camping Pants
  • Santa's Jump Pants
  • The Hip Hop Pants
  • The Armored Pants
  • The Warlock Boots
  • The Beige Suit Pants
  • The Yeti Pants
  • The Black Suit Pants
  • The Heavy Armor Pants
  • The Ghostbusters Pants
  • The MIB Pans
  • The Snow Pants
  • The Monster Pants
  • The Cowboy Jeans
  • The Desert Pants
  • The Rioter Pants
  • The Urban Ops Boots
  • The Urban Pants
  • The Easter Bunny Legs
  • The Anti - Explosive Pants
  • The Spec Ops Boots
  • The Close Quarters Pants
  • The Cyber Ninja Greaves
  • The Shadow Hunter Pants
  • The Brazilian Warrior Pants
  • Warrior Bunny Pants
  • Classic Santa Pants
  • S.F. Pants
  • Biker Pants
  • Black Charro Pants
  • The Cadet Pants
  • The D.M. Pants
  • Night Santa's Pants
  • Lucky Pants
  • Leprechaun's Leggings
  • Freedom Soldier Pants
  • White Cotton Pants
  • B.B. Pants
  • Outlaw Trousers
  • Referee Shorts
  • Striker Shorts
  • Ghostbusters Jumpsuit (Legs)
  • U.F. Pants.
  • Drill Instructor Pants.
  • Fire Commando Pants
  • Advanced Legs
  • Impaler's Pants
  • Veteran Pants
  • Padded Boots
  • Stuntman Pants
  • Fireside Santa's Pants
  • Sabotage Pants
  • Golden Fire Pants
  • Brazilian Fighter Pants
  • Blackbird Greaves
  • Lucky Socks
  • Celtic Pants
  • Forest Shadow Pants
  • Classic Hunter Jeans
  • “ManMax” Pants

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