Launchers is a weapon type in Respawnables. Launchers fire projectiles vary from explosives, energy-based or even non-elemental damage type. Launchers usually deal high Damage per shot, with great Range.

There are currently 29 weapons categorized as Launchers, and they are:

  1. Flare Gun
  2. Cold Beam Rifle
  3. Flare Gun MK2
  4. Bazooka
  5. Stake Launcher
  6. Missile Launcher
  7. Grenade Launcher
  8. MIB Noisy Cricket
  9. Proton Gun Gen.3
  10. Proton Gun
  11. Howitzer Gun
  12. Scoped Rocket Launcher
  13. Dual Grenade Pistols
  14. Plasma Punch
  15. Monkey Staff
  16. "The Little Friend"
  17. Fireworks Cart
  18. Shockwave Launcher
  19. Dragon's Breath Cannon
  20. Thumper
  21. Ghost Cannon
  22. Automatic Grenade Launcher
  23. Proton Glove
  24. Flare Gun MK3
  25. Dual Flare Gun
  26. Fire Fist
  27. Rocket Guitar Case
  28. Air Cannon
  29. Energy Stinger

Armor Effects Edit

Some armor can affect Launchers in different ways.

  • The Ghost Armor increases the reload speed of Launchers by 25% and provides 7% extra Agility when equipped with Launchers.
  • The 'WASP' Helmet increases the Damage done by Launchers by 25%!
  • The Decorated Hat increases the fire rate of Launchers by 10%