Equip this set and become a shadow of the night.
— Game Description
The impalers set
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This is a bundle that was added in during the Spooky Nights (Update)nd can be purchased for $9.99 Dollar1.

Contents Edit

NOTE: The armor itself can be earn by completing the tiers from the event that it first came out, the Spooky Nights, but the weapon itself can only be obtained by paying the bundle.


The head will heals ~45% of your total health. With this new pants, it can help to use your shotguns in a better way.


  • The first dual shotguns in the game!
  • The bundle as featured in the game's loading screen.


  • The weapon's name is coherent to what it looks like: a casket or coffin use for "burial" purposes.
  • This bundle made a comeback during the Trial 3 of Carnival 2017 (Event)!
  • This bundle could be inspired by Vlad the Impaler, who was the inspiration for Dracula.