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About The Weapon

The Hunter Shotgun is a mid-long range shotgun. It was the prize for completing the 15th tier of the Easter Egg Hunt 2. It holds 6 bullets and it takes 6 seconds to fully reload the shotgun. Unlike other shotguns, it has a very long effective range. With great accuracy and an exceptional rate of fire, this weapon can make all the other players hate you.


This weapon is the perfect combination of power, range and accuracy. However, it decreases your movement speed and this weapon requires skill to master this weapon. It can kill most enemies in 2-4 shots and works best at mid-long range.

Every bullet fired from this shotgun inflicts heavy damage to your enemy but the damage per bullet decreases as the distance between you and your enemy increases

Lets see how many shots you need to fire to kill an enemy from different distances:

Very Close range: 1 shot (against armored players: 2 shots or 1 headshot)

Short range: 2 shots (or 1 headshot)

Short-mid range: 2 shots

Mid range: 3 shots (or 2 if one of them is a headshot)

Mid-long range: 3 shots (4 shots against heavily armored enemy)

Long range: 4-6 shots

Very long range: 6-8 shots

The use of following strategies is recommended.

Run And Gun: Keep moving around the map and as soon as you spot an enemy, kill him from mid range, collect the medal and move onto your next target.

Camping: Even though this weapon does not have infinite range, camping with this weapon still works in small and medium size maps.

Find a nice spot where you can get cover when necessary and from where you can get a clear view of the field (usually at higher ground). Start shooting at enemies as soon as they get in your field of vision! Take cover if you're taking heavy fire.

Clothing and Gadgets


The main disadvantage of using this weapon is that it decreases your movement speed which makes it difficult for you to dodge enemy bullets and to solve that problem, it is advised to wear armors that provide agility and health. It is also heavily advised you use the S.F. Headset as it boosts your damage by 50% and the S.F. Pants which increases your running speed by 10% (5% agility +5% bonus).

Head: Rioter Ski Mask or Easter Bunny Ears

Body: Desert Jacket

Legs: Urban Pants or Easter Bunny Legs

14% agility and 10% health

For those who are having problem with this gun's accuracy the following combination of agility and accuracy is perfect.

Head: Rioter Ski Mask or Easter Bunny Ears

Body: Urban Fighter Vest

Legs: Urban Pants or Easter Bunny Legs (OR Rioter Pants for more accuracy)

14% agility and 10% accuracy


Medikit (Recommended): Gain all your health back in the blink of an eye and surprise your enemy with this very useful gadget.

Spotter: Spot your enemy before they spot you. Perform surprise attacks and prevent yourself from your enemy's surprise attacks.

Stun Grenade: A stunned enemy is the best enemy!

Immunity Shield: Kill enemies while this gadget potects yourself from almost any kind of harm for a short period of time (5 seconds).

Against Others

Shotguns - These weapons are very dangerous, as this weapon is pretty hard to use at a close ranged combat. Although with practices, you may find it good. Meanwhile, make use of this weapon's advantage: range. You must take them out from a long distance. If they are approaching, back off while shooting. Don't forget to strafe!

Automatic Weapons - They can be annoying, just shoot from a distance. Take some cover if you happened to be badly injured or ran out of ammo. Even though they need some time to take you down, that doesn't mean they can't do so. Don't underestimate them, and shoot while taking some covers when needed. Strafing at close ranged combat may help with good agility boosts with you.

Explosive Weapons - These weapons are pretty much one of the main threats. Shoot them upon sight. Take some covers while doing this. Never stay on a fixed place. Move a lot, at your camping spot (if you are camping). If you are approaching them, don't ever run in a straight line. Strafe might be ineffective, so take some covers while approaching them. Be sure to keep your distance from the blast radius.

Snipers - If you didn't move much, it is game over. Make sure to move a lot and fast, and search for any sniper around the map. If you got shot and survive, take cover or use your Medikit. When approaching them, strafe while shooting.

Revolver - The main counter for Hunter Shotgun. Most of the user of this weapon strafes a lot, and use agility gears. Thus, you will have to strafe too while shooting. If you approached one, don't run straight (too, obviously) and strafe while shooting. Some covers are good. Hunter is a lot stronger than revolver at mid-long range but only a little bit stronger than revolver at mid and close mid range but it is strong enough to make any revolver player cry and throw his device in anger. However, revolver players move faster than you. It is suggested to wear the 1st set of clothing mentioned above. Just strafe/move left right and make every shot count!

Flare Gun - Like all the previous weapons, make use of your range advantage. Shoot them from afar, and dodge when you have to. Don't ever let them get close at mid close range from you. If they get closer, strafe. If you are on the Run and Gun tactic, you might want to keep your distance with them.

Dos and Don'ts


  • Try to keep a distance between you and your enemy because this weapon works best at mid and long range.
  • Reload whenever there's a chance.
  • In a mid range combat, Strafe left-right / move left-right or backwards.
  • If the enemy is at a distance and is unaware of your presence/location, attack him and stand still, by the time he realises that someone is attacking him, he'll be dead.
  • If an enemy has spoted you and is shooting at you/about to shoot at you from mid range, either quickly take cover if available or start shooting at him ASAP. It is highly likely that you will win the fight.
  • If you are not wearing any agility boosting armor, then move from cover to cover when moving across the map.
  • Try to stay active during the match.
  • Use this weapon in medium and large maps. It can be used in small maps but requires practise.


  • Don't let the enemy get closer to you, especially if he is equipped with a close combat weapon.
  • Don't get very close to your enemy, this weapon is built for mid range combat.
  • Don't reload during a fight. (Unless you are out of ammo)
  • Don't run straight towards your enemy, unless you are standing very far away from them.
  • Don't stop firing until the enemy is finished.
  • Don't camp near places that can not provide you cover.
  • Don't engage in combat unless your health is fully regenerated.
  • Don't stand still in a close range combat.
  • Don't shoot at enemies who are hiding behind a cover.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Good damage for a shotgun
  • Decent Rate of Fire.
  • Long effective range.
  • Good accuracy.
  • Can shoot while reloading (but it will interrupt the reload)
  • Gives you one gold per kill in the 2nd easter update.


  • Small amount of ammo (6 bullets)
  • Long reload time (6 seconds)
  • Hard to use at close ranged combat
  • Slow agility.
  • Damage per bullet is the same at close and mid range.

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