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Hunter MLG

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This page will tell you about the Hunter Rifle and how to use it. Hopefully it will help you whenever you are using it!

A Hunter Rifle in Real LifeEdit

The Hunter Rifle is a weapon used for hunting big or strong animals like deer. This weapon in real life is very dangerous to use if you don't know how to hunt.

Hunter Rifle in the gameEdit

The Hunter Rifle in respawnables was the best Rifle you can ever have, but after the Summer Camp 2 (Update), the Semi-Automatic Sniper is now the best free Rifle you can ever have. The Hunter Rifle was first the last tier prize from the first Easter Egg Hunt event, but in Easter Egg Hunt 2, it wasn't the event prize, it was available for purchase as a part in the Warrior Bunny Kit along with a new skin.


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What to Wear/UseEdit


Head: Any Accuracy head part.

Body: Health or Accuracy

Legs: Any Agility leg part.


Its better to use Spotter, because most gadgets are not good for Snipers. It is recommended to use Stun Grenade, or equip Cyber Ninja Breastplate and use Stealth gadget.

Against OthersEdit

Click here to see how snipers perform against other weapon. Against other snipers: the Hunter Rifle is good against all snipers, expect for the Semi-Automatic Sniper, if you are not good with sniping you may find problems against this weapon.

Do's and Don'tsEdit


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Advantages and DisadvantagesEdit



  • 1 ammo in the clip.
  • When scoping, auto aim goes at the body, making headshots more difficult to get.

A More Detailed GuideEdit

Still can't get it? Try this page. This page contains a general idea about the snipers, a more detailed guides and FOUR videos on sniping.