• Old Design Of Hunter Rifle.
  • Hunter Rifle Equipped [Front View].
  • Hunter Rifle's Visor
  • The "Hunter Rifle" in Real Life.
  • New design of Hunter Rifle in menu!
  • A glitch with the Hunter rifle!
  • The weapons reload animation (1).
  • The weapons reload animation (2).
  • The weapon's reload animation (1) during the Easter Holiday Update (2015).
  • The weapon's reload animation (2) during the Easter Holiday Update (2015).
  • Hunter rifle with new skin. Added in archery tournament (update)
  • The Hunter Rifle in the First Easter Egg Hunt.

The Hunter Rifle is a Sniper Rifle that was added in the Easter Holiday Update and could only be unlocked by collecting 200 Easter eggs in multiplayer (Team Vs mode), or by purchasing the Warrior Bunny Kit during Easter Holiday Update (2015) and Summer Camp Gun Collection. It was also available separately for $5.99 Dollar1 during Trial 3 of Summer Camp 2 and Summer Camp 3 (Event).


The Hunter Rifle is a very powerful weapon and it is able to annihilate almost anyone except elites (because they have way too much Health) with just a single body shot, although if you are a fan of head-shots you are welcome to aim for the opponent's head. This mighty gun of course comes with disadvantages, as it lacks a cross-hair and the only way to obtain one is of course, toggling the cross-hair button, which reduces your field of vision but improves your Accuracy significantly. Note that players who have at least +5% Health will NOT die with a bodyshot (variables include the 5% and 10% more Health perk), instead it will kill in just 1Headshot.

This gun would have been one of the most powerful weapons if it didn't have the one major disadvantage that plagues both the Sniper Rifle and the Anti Material Sniper Rifle alike: The lack of an easily available auto aim.

For the best camping spot, go to somewhere you can see everything and back-sight is protected (which means, no one kills you from the back) and quick scope the target.

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Need more training with this one? Click here then.

Here's a Counter Guide for the Hunter Rifle.

Weapon AnalysisEdit


  • Very powerful, able to kill an unarmored player in one shot, both body shot or head shot.
  • Very fast reload speed.
  • Very long and effective Range.
  • Fairly easy to learn "quick-scoping", compared to the other snipers.
  • It can be buffed by certain equipments.


  • Only has one bullet per clip.
  • The scope is tinted red, making it hard to see when scoped in.
  • Rendered useless by armored enemies who have at least 17% Health, but headshots can still kill in a single hit.
  • Has a difficult auto aim system, unlike other snipers.
  • 20% less effective against players wearing either the Biker Bandana or the U.F. Mask.


Respawnables - Hunter Rifle

Respawnables - Hunter Rifle


Whiplash at Hunter

Whiplash Targeted.

  • If equipped with the D.M. Front Pack, this weapon would have the fastest reload speed (0.5 seconds) out of all snipers! It also becomes the third fastest reloading weapon, only behind the Assault Rifle with the Lucky Vest equipped and the Clusterstorm.
  • The Hunter Rifle is the first weapon to not be obtained through bundles nor purchases, the second being the Thumper.
  • When reloading, it reloads just like the Shotgun which probably explains the extremely fast reloading speed.
  • The Hunter Rifle used to have the most bars at 4/4/4/2, until the Semi-Automatic Sniper took it's place with 4/4/4/3.
  • Understandably, the Hunter Rifle is very small compared to the other rifles, which may explain its light weight.
  • During the Easter Holiday Update, every time a player killed an enemy that was wearing any part of the Easter Bunny Bundle or Warrior Bunny Kit in Multiplayer (Team Vs. for 2014, and Free For All for 2015) with this weapon, they would obtain 1 GoldIcon for free, (or 2 GoldIcon for those who bought Double Gold Booster)!
  • In the Easter Holiday Update (2015), the Hunter Rifle got a new reload animation. Rather than tipping the gun so that it is parallel to the body and reloading, now the player simply tilts the weapon to the side slightly and inserts a new round.
  • This weapon is based off of a gun in real life called "The Hunter" which is manufactured by HOWA RIFLES. The design between the actual gun and the Respawnables gun has almost no difference.
    • It can also be seen as being based off the .308 Deer Rifle which in-game and in real life fires only one bullet before pulling back on the bolt to load the next round.
  • It will takes approximately 10 headshots to kill Whiplash, though achieving this "kill" require that you will have to get him stuck in ONE place/corner, and if the distance between the 2 of you is long enough so that his Dual Revolvers's bullets won't hit you.
  • When scoping in, everything will be tinted red. Therefore, it is the only Sniper Rifle to have an infrared scope
  • It has the same stats as the DMR-003.

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