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Respawnables - Howitzer Gun

This it the page where you will earn how to counter players using the Howitzer Gun. It may seem like an overpowered weapon but after reading this article, it won't!

What is the Howitzer GunEdit

The Howitzer Gun is an explosive weapon that costs 100,000 Cash icon to buy. It was also available for a short period of time during the Grenade Fest Update. Before the Easter Update the reload used to be two seconds but it was increased to four seconds. It is widely used for camping and has 6 shells in its clip. It has good accuracy while standing still which makes it perfect for long range kills. 

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What to DO Edit

  • Use health-boosting or anti-explosive armor when engaging.
  • Ambush the Howitzer Gun user, as it is risky to fight him front to front.
New Free Howitzer Skin
  • If a Howitzer Gun is in viewable area, make sure to move when needed.
  • Don't collect medals that appear to be watched over by a Howitzer Gun.
  • Quickly attack him when he's reloading, the Howitzer is known to have a long reload time (4 Seconds).
  • Keep an eye out. If the Howitzer Gun shows recoil, then it has been fired.
  • Attack when the user is moving. It is preferable to attack from a distance, maybe mid range. Attack from an unexpected place/direction.
  • Stun Grenade works best with them! Combine with good timing, good judgement and their slow movement, this gadget will assist you effectively.
  • Wear explosive reducing armors such as Anti-Explosive Pack or Red Hero Armor/Black Hero Armor

What NOT to DO Edit

  • Don't run at him in an open space as he will kill you easily.
  • Don't engage him at longer ranges.
  • Don't stay in an open space, as you'll be targeted easily.
  • Don't stick to walls, or you'll be easily targeted.
  • Don't back away from him, this will give him a higher chance of killing you.
  • If the Howitzer user uses Spotter then using Stealth is totally useless.

What to WearEdit

Head: Anti-Explosive Mask

Body: Anti-Explosive Vest

Legs: Anti-Explosive Pants

What Weapons to UseEdit

Close Range: Blunderbuss or Double Barrel Shotgun

Medium Range: Revolver

Long Range: Any Sniper, Guitar Machine Gun, Elite Assault Rifle, and Thumper

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