Heavy Weapons are, as the name suggests, heavy weapons. Players will move much slower when these are equipped. One characteristic of Heavy Weapons is that the player will tend to put them on the ground after showing off his weapon; additionally, they also have a long reloading time (generally). Currently, there are 15 weapons that are categorized as Heavy Weapons. There are two different categories of Heavy Weapons, including Heavy Machine Guns and Heavy Launchers.

Heavy Machine Guns Edit

Heavy Machine Guns are Heavy Weapons that fires bullets rapidly. They usually have high ammo capacity and slow reload speed.

The Heavy Machine Guns currently available in the game are:

  1. Heavy Machine Gun
  2. Siege Cannon
  3. Minigun
  4. Armed Guitar Case
  5. Triple Barrel Gatling
  6. Heavy Shatterer
  7. Incinerator
  8. Explosive Minigun
  9. Shield-Wielder
  10. Anti-Tank Type-33
  11. Portable Heavy Machine
  12. Heavy-Medyk MK 1
  13. Heavy Maskaleon

Heavy Launchers Edit

The Heavy Launchers are Heavy Weapons that are officially categorized as Launchers and can be affected by armors related to Launchers.

The Heavy Launchers available in the game are:

  1. Howitzer Gun
  2. Dragon's Breath Cannon
  3. Fireworks Cart
  4. Flare Gun MK3
  5. Heavy Grenade Launcher


  • Heavy Machine Gun.
  • Howitzer Gun
  • Siege Cannon
  • Dragon's Breath Cannon
  • Minigun
  • Armed Guitar Case
  • Triple Barrel Gatling
  • Heavy Shatterer
  • Incinerator
  • Explosive Minigun
  • Fireworks Cart
  • Shield-Wielder
  • Anti-Tank Type-33