Health is one of the attributes in the Respawnables.

Anti-Explosives pack

Health attribute on equipment

By increasing this attribute, your character's health will be more durable, thus making you harder to kill, and allows you to withstand more damage as well.

You can improve your Health with armors that have an extra Health attribute, or by buying various skills in the Skill Tree.

Currently, you can have up to 36% health if equipped either with the full Unstoppable Force Kit, the full Stuntman Pack or the full Brazilian Fighter Gear, which is the highest percentage increase in health you can obtain in the game; however, when donning the Black Hero Armor, A.S.P. Armor and Golden Hero Armor they each will give you 35%, thus making them the highest amount of health you can obtain from a SINGLE PIECE of armor.

(Note: The Desert equipment and the Anti-Explosive Pack used to have the most health at 30%, but is now outclassed by the above armors).


Health is key to staying alive in Respawnables. If you want to withstand bullets for a longer period of time you should buy health enhancing armor. However, unless you have purchased a weapon with great agility or higher, you will find that you move quite slow, allowing speedy players to circle around you and deal consistent damage to you. This threat is increased if they possess single shot weapons, especially the Blunderbuss.

In addition, when a fast enemy approaches you, you will not be able to retreat fast enough and you will be defeated. (Therefore, it is a good idea to buy Medikits so you can keep on regenerating health while still having high agility instead).

Compensate for this by buying weapons with either high agility or excellent damage. Buying then Blunderbuss will allow you to be able to kill an opponent in one shot (at close range) while you will need two shots to be killed with the same weapon. Alternatively, you can choose to purchase the Howitzer Gun to deal excellent damage from afar before you are even in an opponent's range.

The higher your health, the more resistant you are to damage. This is illustrated in the table below. (These are the Health percentages of armor, excluding the extra Health Skills available in the game)

Players can use U.F. Protections and/or Stuntman Head to speed up their live regeneration.

The damage you can absorb with different health percentage increases.
Health increase Damage absorbed before death
0%-5% Can be defeated by a Bazooka in one shot as well as dying from simple weapons such as the Shotgun, Assault Rifle (in half a clip) and easily die from Explosives.
5% to 10% Able to withstand a shot of the Bazooka or Howitzer Gun . Able to withstand 1 Hand Grenades's blast.
10% to 15% Able to take less damage from the Bazooka or Howitzer Gun. Able to withstand 1 Hand Grenade with less damage.
15% to 20% Able to take even less damage from the Bazooka or Howitzer Gun. Able to survive a full clip from the Rookie machine gun and half from a shotgun blast. (it is not necessary to equip this much health just to survive shotguns) 
20% to 25% Able to withstand an Explosive Shot with less damage. Able to take a shot from Air Cannon with 20% explosive resistance.
25% to 30% Can withstand trap medals and mines. Capable of withstanding a more than half a clip from the Assault Rifle if not weakened. Also able to withstand one Hunter Rifle shot to the body.
30% to 45% Can withstand a Shotgun blast at point blank range. Can take a Thumper/Dragon's Breath Cannon shot with extra 20% explosive resistance. Able to withstand a Super Grenade or Ultra Grenade blast
50% Can withstand a single Flare Gun shot. Can absorb one shot from the Anti-Tank Type-33
51% Can withstand one bodyshot from the DMR-003

NOTE: This is a rough estimate. Damage absorbed can be slightly lesser or higher depending on the circumstances. These are assuming the user is at full health.

Anti-Explosive Pack

This suit not only has 30% Health, but also takes 60% less damage from ANY explosion!