The Healing Crossbow is a weapon added in the Winter Games 2017(Event) event as the final prize before the extension.


After the charge shot Bows were buffed in the Archery Tournament 2 Update, crossbows were left in the dust having received no major buffs.

This weapon really does not have much to offer. It is outclassed by every other Bow-type Weapon, it's long-range capabilities are useless when the travel time is factored in, and the healing ability has a very limited use and better healing weapons like The Healer and the Heavy-Medyk MK 1 are out there. The fast fire rate makes it somewhat useful in close range, but again, better close range Bows like the Shark-Bow and Falcon Fire are out there.

To best utilize this weapon, only use in close range maps such as Sandtown and Headquarters. If the opponent is inexperienced and does not strafe, you can take them out easily by firing a few shots at them. If they are strafing, it will be significantly more difficult.

Weapon AnalysisEdit

Advantages Edit

  • Can heal allies
  • Can be buffed by Bow buffing armors.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Low capacity
  • Arrows have a slight travel time, making it difficult to aim.


  • Winter Games 2017 was extremely hard to complete, especially for free players, and many considered this weapon to not be worth the grind.
  • When first released it's clip size was only 2. Clip size increased to 6 during the Archery Tournament 2 (Update).
  • The Healing Crossbow is similar to the Crusader's Crossbow from Team Fortress 2 used by the Medic class to heal teammates and hurt enemies.