The Heads-Up Display (HUD) is the interface that allows the player to interact with the world. It contains useful information to interpreting information of the player, and is essential for the player to know.

HUD Items

HUD Items will be shown respective of which side they are on, left to right, top to bottom.

Left-Hand Side

  • Pause Button: This opens the Pause menu.
  • Health Meter: This indicates your health. When this runs out, you die.
  • Scoring System: This indicates score. When on a Team VS match, it shows the amount of medals you and the enemy team have collected, and during a Deathmatch, it shows the player in 1st and your position. If you are in 1st place, the it shows the player in 2nd. Scoring is determined by points.
  • The Timer: This displays the amount of time left in the map.
  • Movement Joystick: Use this to move. Drag it in the direction you wish to go.
  • Crosshair: While in the middle of the screen, this is used to determine where you will fire. This will track enemies, and will be smaller or larger depending on your accuracy. This will not show up when you equip any Sniper Rifle.

Right-Hand Side

  • Clip: This indicates how many shots you have left. The meter on the bottom will show how the percentage of the clip you have left, and will turn red when at 30% or lower.
  • Gadget : This shows your gadget's logo, how many are available left, and how much longer you have to wait before using your gadget again. Tap to use your gadget.
  • Firing Joystick: This shows you the direction you fire in. Hold to fire and drag to fire in the direction without needing to swipe the screen. Some players do find this difficult.

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