Leave no heads standing!
— Game Description
  • The Headless Baron Kit In Menu.
  • The Headless Baron Kit Equipped (Front View).
  • Headless Baron Kit In Loading Screen.
  • Headless Baron Kit Equipped.
  • Headless Baron Kit Equipped (Back View).

The Headless Baron Kit  is a bundle that was released during the Halloween Haunt 2015 (Update). It costs $14.99 Dollar1 to purchase. It comes with a complete armor that prevents headshots from occuring and a triple barrel shotgun capable of killing from short to mid-long range.

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Strategy Edit

The best use of this bundle is to use the Aristocrat's Shotgun with the Run and Gun tactic. With the additional Agility you run much faster. However, don't be too confident with the extra Agility because you don't have any Health boost. This bundle is good if you want to kill and escape from your enemies, so use the Agility to your advantage and use the Circle Around tactic along with the Aristocrat's Shotgun. However, don't overestimate your Shotgun because the further you are from the enemy, the lesser the chance of getting a kill.

Trivia Edit

  • It contains the second armor that only boosts one attribute: Agility. The first being the Red Hero Armor.
  • Most people bought this bundle only for the Aristocrat's Shotgun. Hence, the armor is rarely seen in multiplayer.
  • It made a comeback in the following Halloween event, Spooky Nights.
  • You won't get any headshot while wearing the armor thus good for sniper battle.

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