Leave no heads standing!
— Game Description
  • The Headless Baron Kit In Menu.
  • The Headless Baron Kit Equipped (Front View).
  • Headless Baron Kit In Loading Screen.
  • Headless Baron Kit Equipped.
  • Headless Baron Kit Equipped (Back View).

The Headless Baron Kit  is a bundle that was released during the Halloween Haunt 2015 Update. It costs $14.99 Dollar1 to purchase. It comes with a complete armor that prevents headshots from occurring and a triple barrel shotgun capable of killing from short to mid-long range.

Contents Edit

  • Headless Baron - 21% Agility, removal of head hitbox, resulting in no headshots
  • Aristocrat's Shotgun - An extremely powerful Shotgun with the longest one-shot-kill range out of all of them.

Trivia Edit

  • Most people bought this bundle only for the Aristocrat's Shotgun. Hence, the armor is rarely seen in multiplayer.

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