Having tough time to use the Haunted Guns? Well, you come to the right place to learn more about how to use this weapon effectively in any match!

About the Haunted Guns

Haunted Guns cutted

Previously was called Witch Hunter Guns, this weapon shoots 4 shots per second! With only 12 bullets in its clip, it runs out of ammo pretty fast. It was sold with the Witch Hunter Gear bundle once, then was available again through the Warlock Gear bundle (the renamed version). Before, it was said to be weaker than the Dual Pistols. However, after the Halloween Update (2014), it was renamed and was buffed.

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12 bullets, 4 shots per second, great damage, and excellent agility. These characteristics are exceptionally good for a dual weapon! However, there are two catches: it can only be obtained through bundles (in app purchase), and it has a terrible accuracy! Of course there is an auto aim, but not that wide and accurate. The crosshair is also slightly big, which can be used to your advantage (chance to do a headshot) or can be your very downfall (there is no knowing either it will go to the center of the crosshair or not). With practices, nothing is impossible.

Since you know its agility is great, then you must know that Run And Gun strategy is the best with this weapon! Use this weapon with its head gear, either the Warlock Eyes or the Shadow Hunter Braid. Both of them boosts its damage by 40% and 60% respectively. Run across the map and search for your victims! When engaging a player, you can choose either to run straight towards him or to strafe right and left while going for him (both while shooting). Although in most cases, the latter is the best. When you are close to him, circle around him while shooting at him to his imminent oblivion.

If you wish to not go fight, and wish only to kill when someone goes to you, camping might work well. Pick your hiding/camping spot, and kill everything that goes to your spot. Of course, you will not get kills as much as when you are running across the map. However, if you wish for a relaxing fight, this might works well.

What To Do

  • Always wear its damage boosting head gear.
  • Run across the map and shoot right when the crosshair turns red.
  • Strafe right and left, a lot.
  • Circle around your target at close quarter combats.
  • Always reload.
  • Against close ranged weapons like the Shotguns, start shooting at mid range. If got caught in close range, move around him and stay behind his back (while shooting).
  • If a shotgun player is running towards you, back away while shooting.
  • If a player wears Monster Vest or Shadow Hunter Guard, please note that it will take you more shots to take them down.

What Not To Do

  • Not wearing its damage boosting head gear.
  • Shoot at long range as this is completely useless.
  • Standing still while shooting (unless you are a pro and know your combat condition)
  • Forgot to reload.
  • Overconfidently go straight to one shot kill weapons

What To Wear/Use

Warlock Gear from Facebook


For the head gear, without a doubt only either Warlock Eyes or Shadow Hunter Braid. For the legs, it is suggested to use either Warlock Boots or Shadow Hunter Pants as you will get both Health and Agility boost. It is okay to use other legs though.

However for the body, you may choose either to use the specific body, or others. It is completely by your gameplay style. If there are other players who uses the Toxic Guns or the Darkness Combo Guns, it is suggested to wear your Warlock Coat or your Shadow Hunter Guard against them.


From the most suggested to the least

  • Spotter: Know every location of your opponents! Enables you to attack your target before they do, and protects you from any ambushes (unless you just that careless).
  • Medikit: Completely heals you, perfect for a long battle!
  • Stun Grenade: Saves you from any trouble. Easier kills. Great for the wild and the powerful players.

Againts others

Shotguns: Right when the crosshair turns red, start shooting at them. Strafe while doing so. At close quarter combats, circle around them. If they are running towards you in a straight line, back away slowly while shooting.

Automatic Weapons: At long range, take cover. At mid close range, your damage output is more than theirs (except for the Elite Assault Rifle, Siege Cannon or the Stig Rifle). Take cover when you are approaching them. When the crosshair turns red, go zigzag towards them (strafe) while shooting. At close quarter combats, circle around them while shooting.

Explosive Weapons: It is a challenge against them. Take covers when you are up against them. Only go for them directly when they are paying attention to you. Ambush them also works fine. When got into a close quarter combat with them, circle around them, and make sure you take them out first before they do, or before they perform Kamikaze on both of you.

Warlock cutted

Snipers: The rule is simple: keep away from its sight! Keep moving and avoid being in front of a sniper, even if you are far away from them. Remember, a professional sniper can headshot his target simply by doing a quick scope. So, take cover when going towards them, strafe at mid range and start shooting. It is best to get very close to them and circle around them. Be cautious, they may shoot without scoping but the randomness might get yourself killed.

Revolver: At longer distance, a Revolver will easily dominates you. On the contrary, at mid range, you can easily overcome them. Strafe a lot while shooting at them, as they mostly will do the same to you. Its damage is pretty much the same as your Haunted Guns, but your RoF is much better. However, their accuracy is better. Be sure to get as close as you can. Don't ever run straight towards them as that is suicide. Circle around them at CQC.

Flare Gun: For this weapon, try to avoid getting to a CQ combat. Keep a safe distance from them while shooting. Strafe a lot at mid range against them. As they only have one bullet per clip, they will have to reload every time they missed. This will buy you some time to fight them. For starters, don't go front to front with them. Instead, either ambush them or attack them from the side. It is best when they aren't focusing at you.

Weapon Analysis


  • Good damage (with its head gear, SUPERB!)
  • Great RoF
  • Excellent agility
  • Short reloading time


  • Kind of bad accuracy
  • The clip runs out of bullets in a short time
  • Short range
  • Requires more shots against Monster Vest and Shadow Hunter Guard
  • Only through in app purchase for the bundle, which is not available anymore

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