This is the page where the strategies for countering the Haunted Guns are.
Haunted Guns cutted

The Haunted Guns Weapons

What is the Haunted Guns?

The Haunted Guns are a pair of dual guns that was released in the Monster Mash update. It was previously released in Halloween Update (2013). They cost $9.99 Dollar1 along with the Warlock Gear. It has 12 bullets in its clip and has very bad range but excellent agility. And it has extremely good damage when equipped with the Warlock Eyes or the Shadow Hunter Braid. The gun used to be called the Witch Hunter Guns.

Learn more about it here.

What to Do

  • Kill him from afar.
  • Try to move around as much as possible, as this gun has bad Accuracy.
  • Back up when he charges at you.
  • Sneak up on him.
  • Strafe Left and Right when charging at him with close range weapons.
  • Hide around corners and pop out when seen and do a wrap around.
  • Wear the monster body(Reduces damage form warlock tagged weapons by 40%).

What NOT to Do

  • Run straight towards him.
  • Standing still.
  • Use a weapon that is very weak.

What to Wear

Head: Any Head Armor that has 5% Health or more.

Body: Any Body Armor that has 7% Agility or Shadow Hunter Guard or Monster Vest.

Legs: Any Legs Armor that has 7% Agility.

What Weapons to Use

Close Range: any of the Shotguns, Blunderbuss, Aristocrats Shotgun.

Medium Range: Revolver, Flare Gun, Darkness Combo Guns. Aristocrats Shotgun.

Long Range:  Howitzer Gun, any Sniper(Semi Automatic will do well).

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