• Haunted Guns In Vampire Hunter Gear.
  • Haunted Guns Equipped (Front View).
  • Haunted Guns (Side View)
  • The weapons reload animation (1).
  • The weapons reload animation (2).

The Haunted Guns were first available during the Halloween Update (2013) and were originally called the Witch Hunter Guns. It had a comeback the following year during the Halloween Update (2014) update where it got renamed. The name stays the same even for the Halloween Update (2015) and in the Spooky Nights.

They are a pair of golden handguns and were also available in the Halloween Weapon Collection during the Halloween Haunt 2015 (Update). It has 12 bullets and fires faster than Dual Pistols, boasts great Damage, moderate Range, poor Accuracy and excellent Agility.


These guns could be worse than its counterpart, the Dual Pistols, as not only has the ammo capacity been reduced by 40%, they are also less capable of mid-range combat, making this weapon less suited for combat.

However, in the Ghostbusters 30th (Event), this gun is the fastest gun to kill a Slimer. It can drain the Slimer's Health in a mere 2-5 seconds. Its high fire rate is also effective against Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Also, they can defeat players with just 10% Health in close range.

However, the weapon received a boost in Damage during the Halloween Update (2014). Currently, they are able to kill players a lot faster than they used to in about 6 rounds. Equipping the Warlock Eyes on the Shadow Hunter Braid will provide a 40% and 60% boost in Damage respectively.

Besides that, if equipped with Warlock Boots or Shadow Hunter Pants, the user will also received an additional Agility boost of 5% or 7%.

However, this weapon's Damage can be reduced by Monster Vest and Shadow Hunter Guard by 40% or 60%, which will either nerf the weapon's performance or neutralize the Damage boost mentioned earlier.


This page will tell you how to use this weapon efficiently.

However, if you wish to know how to counter it, check out this page instead.

Weapon Analysis Edit


Warlock cutted


  • Little ammunition (12)
  • To use it effectively, the player needs to go closer to the enemy for faster kill since it has short range.
  • Bad Accuracy.
  • The weapon's Damage can be reduced by Monster Vest and Shadow Hunter Guard by 40% or 60%


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