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 This is the page where you will learn how to counter any player using the Guitar Machine Gun. It may seem like a powerful weapon, but after reading this article, it won't! 

What is the Guitar Machine Gun?


The Guitar Machine Gun is a gun that cost 365 GoldIcon. It could also be obtained in the Road to Glory event by winning 12 Team vs. matches. It has very good accuracy, range, and damage which makes it a decent camping weapon. It has 80 bullets in its clip which can be upgraded into 120 bullets.

Learn more about it here.

What to Do

  • Use powerful, single shot weapon (e.g. the Revolver or the Double Barrel Shotgun)
  • Strafe Around
  • Shoot him at first sight
  • When using other automatics of a similar level like the Dual Machine Guns, try to strafe around as much as possible and shoot him all the time
  • When using single shots, shoot precisely, dodge, and you'll win
  • Snipe him from afar
  • Take cover
  • Use gadgets.
    • Medikit recover all your health while you are running for cover
    • Spotter can tell you the position of the user
    • Stealth will help you in your attempt of surprise attacks
    • Stun Grenade will stun the user, which gives you opportunity to finish him off

What NOT to Do

  • Run straight at him
  • Use a short range weapon
  • Come out in the open with a short - medium range weapon
  • NEVER engage a Guitar Machine Gun wielder in long range with a short-range weapon
  • Stand still.
Better quality guitar machine gun image

What to Wear

Head: Any Head Armor with 10% Health or 7% Agility.

Body: Cadet Vest or any Body Armor with 10% Health or 7% Agility.

Legs: Any Leg Armor with 10% Health or 7% Agility.

What Weapons to Use

Close Range: any shotgun

Medium Range: Revolver

Long Range: Any Sniper or Howitzer Gun

Anywhere: Any automatic weapon that kills faster than GMG. e.g Minigun, Stig Rifle

Respawnables - Guitar Machine Gun01:00

Respawnables - Guitar Machine Gun

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