This page will tell you about THE Grenade Launcher and how to use it. Hopefully it will help you whenever you are using it!

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Grenade Launcher

About The Weapon

Are you tired of using the same old technique of throwing grenades? Do you want to prevent shoulder injuries? running out of grenades? then there is no need to worry anymore, because the Grenade Launcher is here to solve all these problems! a simple machine that removes the pins of grenades and throws them as far as possible.

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Grenade Launcher as seen in the shop


Its 'clip' contains 6 grenades. In just 4 seconds, you can fire all the 6 grenades! Quite fast RoF and reloading takes only 3.5 seconds but make sure you've bought all the perks in the skill tree that can affect this weapon's performance. Without them, the RoF is a little less and the reloading may take upto 7 seconds!

This weapon is not build for close range combats. Hand grenades used in this weapon are smaller than normal Hand Grenades and they are also less powerful than normal hand grenades. After firing a grenade, it takes 2 seconds to explode. Meaning, no matter how hard the grenade hits your opponent's head, it won't do any damage until it explodes. Every grenade in this weapon has a small blast radius. When it explodes, the closer the enemy is, the higher the damage it will do.

Check the Dos and Don'ts section for more info about handling the weapon.

You can also take out enemies hiding behind any object. The grenades don't blow upon impact so just properly and make the grenade land near your enemy. He will get caught in the explosion. A couple of shots will either kill him or force him to come out.

AIMING: It is not a gun and hence it does not 'fire' its bullets. Just like it's name, it launches grenades and it is not even as powerful as the Thumper. If you keep the weapon's muzzle parallel to the ground, the grenades won't go far. Estimate the range to the target and move the barrel either up or down to adjust the positioning of your aim. The higher you aim, the farther the grenade will go. The angle between your weapon's barrel/muzzle and the ground really matters. At 45 degrees, the grenades will cover the most distance possible. But don't forget about the 2 second timer. These things makes it very difficult to make long range kills but with accuracy, precision and practice, you can master this weapon.

Run And Gun Keep moving from cover to cover and kill your enemies before they get close to you. Shoot at injured enemies first and shooting at a group of fighting players is the best way to get easy and multiple kills. Just don't fire grenades in front of you or in your path. If someone is shooting at you from behind, just keep running away from him and while doing so, keep firing grenades at your own feet. Yup, before they explode, you will be out of it's explosion range and the enemy who is chasing you will get caught in the explosion. Tried and tested.

Camping : This is the best way to get the most kills with this weapon. Go to the highest point in the map with proper cover nearby and RAIN HELL ON YOUR ENEMIES!!! Easy.

What to Wear/Use



Health > Agility > Accuracy

  • Set 1
    • Head: 10% Heath
    • Body: 10% Health
    • Legs: 7% Agility
  • Set 2
    • Head: 10% Health
    • Body: 7% Agility
    • Legs: 7% Agility
  • Set 3
    • Head: 7% Agility
    • Body: 7% Agility
    • Legs: 7% Agility

30% Health armor is not recommended unless you are playing a team match.


1. Medikit: Refill your health when you are on the brink of death.

2. Spotter: Locate enemies. Take them by surprise and eliminate them before they realize what's happening.

3. Trap Medal or 4. Mines: Plant these around you when camping. Don't let anyone perform a surprise attack on you from behind.

4. Stun Grenade: Probably the most used gadget. It's cheap, it's easy to use and can be very helpful if used properly.

Against Others

Shotguns: Users of these types of weapons are usually equipped with either any anti shotgun armor or any agility boosting armor and they usually tend to come straight towards you. Hence, killing them is easy. Just keep a safe distance from them and plant grenades in their path.

Machine Guns: When users of these types of weapons are around, stay near some cover because unless you have a place to hide behind, a weapon with a high Rate of Fire can easily kill you within a few seconds. These weapons provise high agility to their users. Just plant grenades around them from a safe distance.

Flare Gun: This weapon is a pain in the rear. They are fast and can kill you in a single shot (unless you are equipped with the Black Hero Armor or the A.S.P. Armor with BOTH health skill perks). Try to avoid them if possible. If they notice you, do not stand still and keep moving. Find cover if possible while shooting at them. It is best to shoot at them from a height and especially when they are busy shooting at someone else.

Revolver: They are not harmful at long range so eliminate them from a distance before they reach you. At mid range, keep strafing left-right while shooting at them. At close range, circle around them to dodge bullets and shoot grenades near their feet. It is advised to take cover and shoot only when they are reloading.

Snipers: Always keep an eye on snipers. They can be very hazardous at long ranges. If you spot one, try to get closer to them. Get as close as possible and while doing so, DO NOT head straight towards them. Move from cover to cover and in a zig zag formation and when you are close enough, eliminate them. Snipers can't do much in a CQC.

  • (Optional) Try to team up with snipers if there are powerful enemies in a match. Just get closer to them and moonwalk in front of them instead of killing them. Snipers usually accept these kind of offers.

Dos and Don'ts


  • Reload whenever possible. Always keep the weapon loaded.
  • If the target is situated at a distance, then in order to eliminate your enemy, observe his movements, guess where he'll move next and shoot grenades in his path.
  • Fire at least 2 grenades at your enemy as at least 2 grenades are required to kill an enemy.
  • Circle around your enemy and shoot at his feet if got engaged in a CQC.
  • Avoid getting caught in the explosion of your own grenade's.
  • Hurt enemies are easy to kill in a single grenade blast so kill them first.
  • Take cover before shooting at multiple enemies/enemy with a long range weapon/snipers.
  • Move/strafe left-right when being attacked.
  • Fire grenades in your enemy's path not at him.
  • Aim Grenades near your enemies' feet so they will detonate exactly when the enemy is standing on them.
  • Avoid Shooting Grenades directly at an enemy as it will bounce back.
  • Lob Grenades over walls and balconies to ensure your enemy has nowhere to hide.


  • Do not fire directly at your enemy as they can sprint by your grenades
  • Do not take on players with Anti-Explosive Pack at close or mid range. Try to avoid them or use Stun Grenades on them if you are engaged in a CQC fight with them.
  • Do not go in open areas without making sure that there are no enemies around.
  • Do not let the enemy get closer to you.
  • Do not reload during a CQC battle unless you are out of ammo.
  • Do not shoot at your enemy directly (in a CQC). The grenade may bounce back and kill you instead.
  • Do not run straight towards your enemy.
  • Do not wear any Accuracy enhancing armor. The weapon does not have auto aim.
  • Do not shoot the grenade where your enemy is right now, shoot where he will be after 2 seconds.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Infinite grenades
  • Decent Rate of Fire
  • The range is quite far for a grenade launcher
  • The grenades bounce back when thrown at walls or similar surfaces. You can use this to your advantage.
  • Splash damage
  • Decent clip size
  • Projectiles can be angled at any direction


  • Long reload time without Perks
  • Grenades can bounce back to the wielder when hitting another player or solid surface
  • Puny Blast radius and grenades take 2 seconds to detonate
  • The grenades that are used in this weapon are not as powerful as normal Hand Grenades.
  • The grenades follow a parabolic trajectory and there traveling speed is a little slow which makes aiming a bit difficult.
  • Pretty much useless against players wearing any of the armors available in the Anti-Explosive Pack.

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