• Grenade Launcher In Menu.
  • Grenade Launcher Equipped [Front View].
  • Grenade Launcher' Projectile.
  • As Seen In-Game.
  • Skin As Seen In-Game.
  • It's most likely to be based of this Milkor M32 MGL.
  • The weapons reload animation (1)
  • A glitch with the grenade launcher!

The Grenade Launcher is the 14th weapon available for purchase, costing 40,000 Cash icon and is unlocked at level 21. The Grenade Launcher packs 6 hand grenades that have a 3 second timer each, dealing very high Damage but at the expense of short range before exploding. It also has moderate Accuracy and Agility.


The Grenade Launcher may be short ranged, but this can be countered by changing the trajectory of fire, preferably at a 45 degrees angle. If aimed and fired correctly, it can wipe out enemies with lethal ease due to the extremely high firepower of this weapon.

Unfortunately, this explosive weapon is not built for close combat, as you can get injured by the explosions. In addition, if your grenade reaches your opponent too soon, there is a possibility of it ricocheting off your opponent and killing you instead. It is also advised to not purchased this weapon before you bought the + Reload speed in rifles perk since it has a gruelingly long reload time, one of the worst in the Game, so it is advised to always reload otherwise you may be caught off-guard.

Nevertheless, this is a great weapon as it can easily catch enemies by surprise and they will not be able to escape easily. When used with skill, it can take out extremely far away opponents, and is even able to pressure players with better weapons.


Here is a page on how to use this weapon efficiently.

Weapon Analysis


  • Longer Range than Dual Grenade Pistols.
  • Can fire in the middle of reloading.
  • Not that expensive; 40,000 Cash icon
  • Fast fire rate
  • The grenade curve can provide some interesting kills.
  • The good amount of damage dealt per explosion can be deadly for the bots and it can kill in 2-3 shots.


  • Slow reload, taking about 5 seconds to fully reload the grenade launcher (or about 3 seconds if you purchased + Reload speed in rifles in the Skill Tree).
  • Slightly sluggish Agility.
  • Takes 2 seconds to explode the grenade, giving the opportunity for the enemy to stay away from the full-damage range.
  • Auto kill is common at close range due to the fact that the grenade can bounce off objects.
  • It is weak against people who are equipped with the Anti-Explosive Pack and other explosive resisting armours.
  • The grenade curves down when shot at mid range.

Score a basket

You can attain the achievement "Score a basket" by getting 25 kills with the Grenade Launcher. Once completed, you are awarded 5 achievement points.


Respawnables - Grenade Launcher01:01

Respawnables - Grenade Launcher


  • The Grenade Launcher is based on the design of the South African Milkor M32 MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher).
  • It is able to fire grenades while reloading, like the Shotguns.
  • The Grenade Launcher appears to have a leaf-type sight, perfect for lobbing death angels over obstacles.
  • During the Road To Glory Update the Grenade Launcher got a new skin which paints the Grenade Launcher red.
  • The skin makes a return in the Salute Our Troops Event as a prize on tier 2.
  • The same skin again makes a return in the Soccer Madness (Event) as a tier 4 prize.
  • It returned AGAIN during the Road to Glory 2016 as a tier 2 prize during the third trial.
  • Without the + Reload speed in rifles perk, it has one of the slowest reload for a weapon that reloads one at a time.
  • Intrestingly, the scope cannot be used. Even if it could be used, it would be useless as the projectiles would explode in the air, or not go to the desired target.
  • Even though the weapon's Range is listed as 1, it actually fires farther, allowing the user to get "long range kills" when using it.
  • Interestingly enough, you can use the Flare Gun MK2 complete Missions that required to use this gun.
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