The Golden Pistol is one of the four golden weapons released on the Summer Camp 4 (Update). It can only be obtained by completing the fourth Prestige Rank. It sports high damage, high range, high accuracy and excellent agility.


Make use of its outstanding stats by using either the Run And Gun or Camping techniques. Run around and kill all those in your way or find a safe spot, preferably on high ground and pick off enemies as the eye can see. Wear equipments such as the B.B. Jacket or the Outlaw Hat to enhance the weapon's potential.

Overall, a good weapon despite its extremely long time to obtain.



  • High Damage
  • Great Accuracy and Range
  • Excellent Agility
  • Good clip size compared to other handguns
  • Buffed by some equipments
  • Fast RoF


  • Inaccurate at close ranged battles
  • Slightly slow reload speed
  • Extremely tedious to obtain
  • Nerfed by some equipments

Past Rumors


Weapons Collector Image, Notice the Golden Desert Eagle.

Originally, it was a hypothetical weapon by the name Golden Gun that takes an appearance of a golden Desert Eagle drawn in the old cartoony way that the icons for Respawnables' Weapons had. It is one of the Weapons that is unusable in the Game but seen in various images. Before, not much was known about this weapon other than the fact that it appears in the Weapons Collector achievement image. However, it has been rumoured by players that it was an overpowered pistol and when used in multiplayer, Digital Legends will ban players for doing so.


  • A few players claim to have used this Weapon and say they were banned for using it. However, they didn't post any image or other info about it, only referring to it as "The Golden Gun".
  • The Golden Gun maybe a hidden Weapon that has been exploited by hackers for use in-game either that or it could be false rumours.
  • This Weapon might be fake, as it might be just an image placed in the Game because no other Weapons would fit in the image OR there weren't any other Weapons that had been thought of to put in the Game while in the making of the image.
  • This Weapon has believed to have been removed from the Game when it first came out since it was very overpowered.
  • There is an achievement that could only be obtained before December 2012 (when the Golden Gun was removed) and was called Golden Gun and requires you to purchase the Golden Gun.
  • Old challenge appeared in IOS and is referred as the "Golden Pistol"
  • During the April Fools' Day (Event), some people dubbed the Rookie Machine Gun as a counterpart of the golden gun because it became very overpowered.
  • It is believed that it was a myth started by a few players for attention
  • It closely resembles the Silver Wolf, a Handgun from the Black Beret Kit.
  • This weapon appeared on the main menu screen of the Ultimate Soldier (Update).

Killing with style

  • It is finally available to be obtained during the Summer Camp 4 of the last prestige rank

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