For the normal counterpart, see Rookie Machine Gun.

  • The Golden "Rookie" in the menu (unequipped)
  • The weapon equipped (front view)
  • The weapon (rear view)
  • The weapon's reload animation (1)
  • The weapon's reload animation (2)
Respawnables - Golden "Rookie"

Respawnables - Golden "Rookie"

The Golden "Rookie" is one of the four golden weapons released on the Summer Camp 4 (Update). It can only obtained by reaching the first Prestige Rank. It sports high damage, moderate range, excellent accuracy and excellent agility.

Strategy Edit

Use this gun with pure Run And Gun tactic. Its fast and has fast reload speed, moderate clip size.It takes almost 1 clip to kill an average health enemy.

Treat the gun like the Stig Rifle, but it has excellent accuracy unlike Stig. However, it has lower range. It does higher damage than it's non golden counterpart and can kill a enemy quickly.

Weapon Analysis Edit

Advantages Edit

  • Good damage
  • Moderate range
  • Chew enemies health quite fast
  • Excellent agility

Disadvantages Edit

  • Average clip size combined with great fire rate, can only kill 1 enemy per clip thus needs rapid reloading
  • Not so good range as a assault weapon, its a mid-range weapon

Trivia Edit

  • The words displayed whenever a gun shoots are gold in color and have sparkles on them.

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