Cross over to the other side and haunt them with this incredible gear!
— Game Description
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This bundle was added in the Spooky Nights update and can be purchased for $14.99 Dollar1

Contents Edit

  • Ghost Armor - 20% Agility, increases reload speed by 30% and movement speed by 7% when carrying Rocket Launchers.
  • Ghost Cannon - A new and exclusive Explosive rocket launcher.


  • The bundle as featured in the game's loading screen!


  • The armor pieces that make up this armor are: Newbie Jacket (Green), Combat Helmet and the Private Pants (Green), otherwise known as one of the figures feature on the Store's page for the game!
    • Thus, its the only whole-bodied armor in the game that is consisted of other armor pieces in the game.
    • The armor is semi-transparent and glows thus easy to be spotted in dark themed map.