Tough to use your Gadgets? Having trouble with them? Backfired?! Here is a single page that will answer your question about how to make the best out of your gadgets!

Skill PerksEdit

CN Greaves

Cyber Ninja Greaves

It is highly recommended to buy these skill perks from the Skill Tree.

  • Gadget Cooldown Speed
    • 3,351 Cash icon, quite cheap for all!
    • Level 20, which is not so bad.
    • 5% faster!
  • Extra Gadget Cooldown Speed
    • 84 GoldIcon, fairly okay-ish price. Pricey for some, though.
    • Level 21!
    • 25% more faster! Plus with the previous one, that is 30% faster!

Extra: If you have the Cyber Ninja Greaves, equipping it will be a great help! The gadget cooldown speed will be faster by 25% more! Plus with the skill perks, it is 55% faster!

Types of GadgetsEdit

Currently, there are 3 kinds of gadgets:


All grenades are like this. You throw it, then it will explode after some time! However, the time taken for an explosion varies depends on the gadget, which will be discussed later on the guide section.


You put it somewhere on the map, and leave it until its victim got caught by it!


You push the gadget button, then the effect is instantly applied on you! These gadgets are quite straight forward to use.

The GuideEdit

Here is the guide to use them.

Most of them are grenades, and almost all of them are offensive! There is a difference between them all besides the firepower: The time taken for them to detonate!

One SecondEdit

Gadgets like the Super Grenades, Ultra Grenades, and Super Easter Grenades are quite convenient for most situation! There are some guide specially for these gadgets.

  • Be sure to try to throw it some far as you can.
  • If possible, equip the Anti-Explosive Pack to resist the firepower. Or at least 2 health boosting gears.
  • Avoid throwing it at your own feet.
    • However, this is applicable only if the enemy is close at you and you have a good health to survive the blast. Unless, you are aiming for a Kamikaze.
    • If you do this while moving backwards, you may be able to survive your own attack (unless you got killed by your opponent first).

Stun Grenade is the only gadget of this kind that do not damage the victim! Instead, it will stun them and give you some additional time to take out your enemy using your weapon! You may use the guides mentioned above, but instead of the Anti-Explosive Pack, equip the Ghostbusters Pants if you have it.

Two SecondsEdit

Hand Grenades, Easter Grenades, Halloween Grenades, Elf Grenades, Energy Grenades, Soccer Ball and the Shockwave Grenades are from this kind of grenades. All of them take 2 second to detonate themselves before injuring the target, with the exception of a direct contact of Shockwave Grenade with the target which is instant.

  • Always throw it in front of the enemy, in advance.
    • Against an incoming player, throw it at mid long range.
    • Against a camping enemy, throw it at their feet.
    • Against a fleeing target, throw it as far as you can!
  • Throw it at the center of other players fight.
  • Avoid throwing it at your own feet. However, this is applicable only if the enemy is close at you and you have a good agility to avoid the blast. Unless, you are aiming for a Kamikaze.
  • If possible, use them alongside with the Skill-Reducing Weapons for a better result! **However, using the Zap Gun with these gadgets is a tough challenge! Unless if you are very talented with the Zap Gun and do not have any problem with it, it is suggested not to use it. This is due to its lack of auto aim.

Three SecondsEdit

One second difference may seem small for most, but not in a battle! These gadgets are tough to use due to its long activation time! Dynamite, Firecracker, Holiday Candy and Explosive Candy are the most notable gadgets of this kind.

  • Always throw it in front of the enemy.
    • Against an incoming target, throw it at your feet and back away!
    • Against a camping player, go back a little bit and throw it on your feet (while facing him).
    • Against a fleeing enemy, throw it like you throw it at medium range (if he is slow) or throw it as far as you can (if he is fast).
  • If possible, use them alongside with the Skill-Reducing Weapons for a better result! Then, back away and throw it on your feet.
    • However, using the Zap Gun with these gadgets is a tough challenge! Unless if you are very talented with the Zap Gun and do not have any problem with it, it is suggested not to use it. This is due to its lack of auto aim.

All you need to do is just push the gadgets button. Then you just have to wait for the victims to come! Meanwhile, you can do other things like hunting other players. Good for more kills in a single match! Currently, there are three gadgets of this kind: Trap Medal, Mines, and the Ghostbusters Trap.

How To UseEdit

  • For all Three,
    • Put it at the middle of a fight.
    • Put it right in front of your enemy while he is least expecting it!
  • Only for the Trap Medal and the Mines.
    • Put it at the most visited place on the map.
    • Put them near the Explosive Barrels.
    • Put it at any potential camping site.
    • Put it in the path to your camping site.
    • Put it at the respawn points.


Are you planning on using the Ghostbusters Trap? Instead of using it, how about you use the other two gadgets mentioned above? Ghostbusters Trap is an expensive gadget, costing a real life currency. Besides, it is quite hard to use it against most players. You might waste it for nothing!

Save it for other things, like the Nian Beasts of the Chinese New Year (Event) or the Ghosts during the Ghostbusters 30th (Event).

With a single push of the gadgets button on the screen, you will instantly get the effect! Here are some guides to use them effectively.


Use them right on the spot to track your enemies! You can use this gadget to prepare yourself against all other players in advance.

If you see them camping at the edge of walls or hiding at the corner, it is best not to go straight towards them or reveal yourself to them. They might be snipers and ambushers. Thus, avoid them at all cost. You can always take other routes towards them to ambush them instead! Be careful as they maybe using the same gadget as you are.

Since its nerf on the Fastest Gunslinger Update, it is very recommended to choose the right time and moment to use it due to its reduced effect.


Take cover, and use this gadget. Remember, this gadget will gradually heals you, but the incoming damage is more than the amount of healing per second, you can die.

Beware of high damage dealing weapons, especially Shotguns, Explosive Weapons, Snipers.

Immunity ShieldEdit

Total protection for only 5 seconds. Against Explosive Weapons and powerful weapons like the Battle Ram use it right before the encounter or right after the first hit (only if you are sure you can and will survive the first hit).

Also useful if you are using a close range weapon and your enemy is camping with a long range weapon.

Against other weapons, you can use it when you are at the brink of death or you can use it on the spot. However, when there are a lot of enemies in front of you, you need to time yourself when to use it.

The cooldown speed is quite slow. So, be sure to kill your enemy before the 5 seconds are up. If they are still alive, you can either keep on the fight or you can flee from the scene.


Great for surprise attacks. You will become invisible for 10 seconds, which will give you a lot of chances for an ambush! Unless you equip the Cyber Ninja Breastplate, the invisibility will gone when you start shooting, but will stay even if you're hit (and it heals you!). The Cyber Ninja Helmet increases the duration by 25%, which can aid you to stay hidden longer!

Use a powerful Single Shot weapon with this weapon and attack them from behind. At the same time, keep away from the Explosive Weapons. And players with Spotter. Worst of all, both for a player.

Overall, a good and balanced tactical gadget. With the Cyber Ninja Breastplate, this gadget is more to defensive strategy and for a better tactical retreat.

Ninja BombEdit

You can use it as a live saving gadget. Use it when you are losing the battle. At close quarter combat, you can even stun your enemy. Then, you will get a temporary invisibility to perform a sneak attack.

You can always use it like Stealth gadget. However, keep in mind that the invisibility granted has a shorter duration time.

Again, avoid Explosive Weapons, players with Spotter, and both. Use it at close range for an additional effect: Stun for 5 seconds.

Ballistic KnifeEdit

It deals massive damage per shot, instantly kills the enemy if headshot. It is suggested to use it at close distance. At the most, mid range.

Use this gadget alongside an accurate weapon. Use this gadget as soon as your target is in your crosshair. Shoot them a little bit before using this gadget for a confirmed death.

It is great for Ambush tactic. Talk about a backstabbing strategy.

Neuralyzer MIBEdit

This gadget is arguably one of the best defensive gadget in the game. However, without a proper strategy, it will be nothing but a waste.

Use this weapon at close range, at the most 3 meters from your enemy. Once you use it at this range, your enemy will be stunned. Don't use it at mid range as the chance to stun them are smaller.

Wait! People will go for the Stun Grenade instead of this gadget as this gadget is very expensive; it costs real life currency. Stun Grenade, however costs you a cheap 750 Cash icon.