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Friends button in the Main Menu.

Beside the enormous fun in Multiplayer and Missions , Respawnables allows you to play with friends who have been added over social networks like Facebook and Gamecenter.

You can access your friend list from the main menu. From here you can see all your friends and their characters, and invite them to play on the same team with you.

Playing with friends are made for playing only on Team vs but there is also a glitch where the FreeForAll can be accessed.

You can also invite more friends who do not have Respawnables with the "add new friends" button.

Your SquadEdit

Once you're in multiplayer mode you can create your own squad from here by inviting a maximum of four friends to form a squad.

When you invite a friend into a squad, an alert notification will automatically be sent to their device. 

If you're the squad creator, you'll see a silver crown symbol next to your name within the squad.

Once you're on the battlefield, you'll be able to recognize friends by their names, which will be green instead of blue.

Sometimes your squad gets divided on the two different teams, but don't worry after the round your squad will be together again.

Glitches Edit

There was a glitch for iOS users where you are not able to send requests. This might not occur to everyone but this sometimes happens. After the Respawnables 3.0 Update, It was fixed and you were able to play with your friends again.