This page will tell you about the Flare Gun and how to use it. Hopefully, it will help you in improving your skills with this weapon!

About The Flare Gun

This tool is normally used for the purpose of sending a distress signal to let others know where you are. For example, a man is stranded on an island, so he shot the flare into the air to grab attention to aid in the man's safety. However, some flare guns are made for killing.


Flare Gun

The Flare Gun

Many people think that this is an overpowered weapon because of its high damage per bullet, but just like every other weapon, this gun has its own advantages and disadvantages.

It can hold only one bullet at a time, so reloading might not be a problem, as it's only around 1.5 seconds. The traveling speed of the bullet is slow and after three seconds, the bullet explodes. Also, the bullet emits a red-orange light when fired.

A single bullet is capable of killing any kind of enemy wearing any kind of armor in a single shot. (exceptions: users who have bought both the health perks from the Skill Tree and are wearing either the Black Hero Armor, the A.S.P. Armor OR the full armors Set from the Unstoppable Force Kit can not be killed in a single shot.). This is the main feature of this weapon.

The weapon is small hence the user can move very fast plus the weapon has auto-aim! The effective range is quite far but not infinite. The bullet will go as far as it can travel within three seconds after firing and then it will explode.

Run And Gun: The best tactic to use with this weapon. With the ability to kill people with just one shot all you have to worry about is your Accuracy and aiming. To avoid wasting bullets, do not shoot until you are close enough to your target. If your enemy does not have any Shotguns or a one-shot kill weapon, run straight towards them and shoot a perfect shot. They'll probably try to dodge your bullet so if there is a little distance between you and your target, wait for your target to start strafing and then fire. This way you will not miss. Shoot from medium to close range, wear Agility boosting gear and do not miss a single chance of performing a surprise attack. If missed a shot at close range, keep circling around your enemy until your reload is complete then shoot.

Camping: Do not use this tactic against long-range weapon users and in large maps. Find a higher spot with some cover available nearby. Shoot when your enemy comes in sight. And of course, dodge enemy fire. Not recommended because of the slow traveling speed of your weapon's projectile. If there are experienced players in the match, do not use this tactic as they may dodge your attacks and kill you when you are reloading.

Long range kills are possible, it just takes practice.

Ambush: Easy. Since this weapon is capable of killing players in a single shot, this technique can work very well. Hide behind corners, 90-degree turns, walls etc and wait for your opponents to get closer and as soon ad they get in your range, take them out by surprise. Use Spotter if needed and watch out for players wearing the Cyber Ninja Helmet, they can easily find out where you are and perform a counter attack.

What to Wear/Use


Priority : Agility > Health > Accuracy

For Run and Gun:

For Ambush

Wear the Close Quarters Pack or the Anti-Explosive Pack if available.


Medikit: Use when your Health is low.

Stun Grenade: Useful against Minigun users and campers.

Immunity Shield: Use in CQC battles against strong close range weapon users.

Against Others

Shotguns/Blunderbuss: They tend to run straight towards you so killing them is easier. From mid-range, either back away or start strafing left or right and fire one perfectly aimed shot. If you missed the shot and if they got closer to you (close range), just circle around them and don't miss the second shot.

Machine Guns: From long range, it is pretty much impossible to kill them in one shot as they can easily dodge your bullets. So, take cover and get closer to them without taking damage. At close and mid range, keep strafing and circling around them shoot as soon as your crosshairs turn red.

Explosive weapons: They don't have auto aim so use that to your advantage. Some explosive weapons are heavy and it limits their movement speed means it decreases the chance of them missing your bullets. At long range, take cover as soon as possible. If they are using a heavy weapon, shoot them as soon as you get a visual of them (from mid and close range only). Kill them from mid-range if possible but when reaching them, always run in a zig-zag pattern and make sure that there are no walls or any such objects around you otherwise if they miss and their bullet hits the object nearby, you may get caught in its explosion. Circle around at close range and shoot as soon as you get a chance.

Revolver and Hunter Shotgun: Both these weapons are dangerous at mid range and they can easily dodge your bullets from there. So, take cover if possible and shoot them when they are reloading or just run towards them in a zig-zag pattern. Shoot when they are close enough.

Dos and Don'ts

Santa Clause Bundle

Flare Gun In Bundle.


  • Wear at least one Agility boosting armor.
  • Shoot only when you are sure that the fired bullet will hit your target.
  • If the target is moving to left or right then shoot the bullet a few meters ahead of them (from mid and long range) so that the bullet will not miss.
  • Kill Shotgun users before they get closer to you.
  • Always move in a zig-zag pattern when reaching your enemy.
  • Strafe and circle around your enemy during close and mid range combats.
  • Target slow players first.
  • To kill campers with op weapon, take an alternate path, go around the map and kill them from behind. Other options include:
    • Use grenades and/or dynamite to draw them out of their camping spot. (recommended)
    • Charge at them while moving in a zig-zag pattern to surprise them and confuse them at the same time. (not recommended)


  • Do not reload. It has only one bullet.
  • Do not stand still. Even when shooting, keep moving. Strafe, circle, move in a zig-zag pattern.
  • Do not miss shots, make every shot count.
  • Do not go near Shotguns users and one shot kill weapon users. Kill them from afar.
  • Do not shoot from long range if possible.
  • Do not head straight towards enemy from long range.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Flare gun image

Flare Gun In Menu.


  • Very high damage per bullet. (One shot kills most enemies.)
  • Very fast movement speed.
  • No damage drop off.
  • Medium - long range.
  • Good reloading speed


  • It holds only one bullet in its clip.
  • The Bullet's/Projectile's traveling speed is slow.
  • The bullets emit red-orange light that can give away your position if you are hiding/camping.

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