This is a guide on how to use the Fire Fist efficiently. Quite hard at first, but once you read this guide, you may find it possible to master this powerful weapon!

About Fire Fist

Fire Fist

Fire Fist is the grand prize of the Ninja Path event. It is one of the Energy-Based Weapons. It holds 4 slow plasma projectiles that explodes on a small blast radius. It is almost the same as its cousin but much powerful, able to take out an enemy in two to three shots.

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Due to its high damage and fire rate, the Fire Fist can deal large damage in a short amount of time. The small explosion should be used on your advantage by measuring the distance between you and your enemies. Generally, aim for your targets' feet to shoot, and best at mid close ranged combat. Do not shoot one by one, instead hold your Fire Button while aiming at them (to be precise, their feet).

You should always use the Run And Gun strategy, as this weapon's slow projectiles make camping nearly useless and impossible. Run either side-to-side on your target, Circle around them or sneaking behind them. In most cases, going head-to-head with other weapons (especially Shotguns) will result death, and again, always aim at their feet. If you miss a lot, the fast reload speed should conpensate on the aiming.

Kamikaze is possible as the projectiles explode upon impact, and have a fair blast radius. Get very close to your target, then shoot at your/his feet. If that didn't kill them, your Death From Below will take care of them. This strategy is acceptable when you don't have any other choices. This strategy is widely used during the Ninja Path and Earth Day event, as people don't want to get killed and want to keep their ranks.



When using this weapon, you need the balance between Agility and Health. If possible, wear the Anti Explosive pack to reduce the damage you receive from your shots. If not, use at least 10% of health. Then, all the rest on agility. If facing long ranged weapons, try to use more health as this weapon's low range and slow projectiles won't help dealing damage to them.



As seen in the shop

The best gadget to use is the Medikit because you will damage yourself a lot. Health is a very useful stat with this weapon. Stun Grenade is very useful as it will ease you to kill your target very much. However, if you find a player with Ghostbusters Pants, do not try to use it on him because it is useless against them. In that case you should use the regular Grenade. Spotter, as always will always tell you the locations of your opponents, giving you chance to hive them surprise attack while protect you from one.

Againts others

Shotguns - These weapons are very threatening at short range, which also happened to be your effective range. So, if they are approaching you, shoot at their feet while backing off. If you got too close to them, circle around them while shooting at their feet.

Automatic Weapons - Do not run towards them as they usually will take you out first. Take some cover before you get closer to them. Once you are closer to them, strafe right and left while shooting at their feet. At closer range, circle around them and destroy their feet.

Explosive Weapons - If you ever run into one, your reflexes determine everything. Do not attack from a long distance, UNLESS the user is camping and doesn't pay attention to you. Get some cover before going for a closer ranged combat. Then, your high damaged projectiles will do the job. Fire Fist's fast rate of firing should do the trick.

Snipers - As the user usually camps on one site, you can try shoot at a long distance, especially when he isn't focusing on you. Against these guys, get some cover (to get closer), strafe a lot (at mid range) and circle around them (at close ranged combat). Do these while shooting at their feet, or at least anywhere near them.

Revolver - Whenever one of the user is coming towards you, retreat and get a cover, to perform ambush. If you are a professional against this formidable weapon, you may strafe and shoot at them while doing so. This weapon is very dangerous at a longer distance, as your slow traveling projectiles are no good here. If the user is focusing on you, do as mentioned before. If not, you may get closer to him, then either ambush or engage front attack at close range. Circle around him and always aim for the low.

Flare Gun - Going on close ranged combat against this weapon is suicide. Your only chances are either to ambush them, or stun them before shooting at them, or both at the same time. You may attack them from afar, if they are camping (which is very rare).

Weapon Analysis

Fire fist ash

Grand Prize: Earned!


  • Quite good damage
  • Good RoF
  • High agility
  • Fair range


  • Slow projectiles
  • No auto aim
  • Small clip
  • Not effective against explosive resistant armours.

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