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The Fastest Gunslinger is an event released on May 12th of 2016. All the tiers requires the player to kill a specified number of enemies (normally or by doing headshots) using only the weapons listed below.

The Spotter's duration is also dramatically decreased throughout the event. This is because they wanted to test the players if they are the Fastest Gunslinger, and by limiting Spotter the players would have to rely upon their reactions.

Event Tiers

Tier Description Prize
1 In Mission mode, kill 40 enemies. Freedom Revolver
2 In Mission mode, kill 50 enemies using a handgun. 5x Spotters
3 In Multiplayer mode, kill 75 enemies using a handgun. 10x Stun Grenades
4 In Multiplayer mode, get 25 kills by headshot with a handgun. 10x Ninja Bombs
5 In Multiplayer mode, kill 150 enemies using a handgun. 15x Stealth
6 In Multiplayer mode, get 50 kills by headshot with a handgun. Revolver (+Skin)
7 In Multiplayer mode, kill 300 enemies using a handgun. 25x Immunity Shields
8 In Multiplayer mode, get 75 kills by headshot with a handgun. 25x Medikits
9 In Multiplayer mode, kill 600 enemies using a handgun. 30x Spotters
10 In Multiplayer mode, get 100 kills by headshot with a handgun. Pocket Pistol
Total 1000+ kills, 250 headshots 120 varieties of Gadgets


  • This is the first event to have the map Royal Garden on the homepage.
  • This is the first event to be released while the previous event was actively going on.
  • This is one of the events to only have one trial (along with the April Fools' Day)
  • During this event, Revolver was the most used weapon since it is the only weapon among the allowed weapons that can be bought in the shop.
    • Freedom Revolver is the second most used weapon in the event, due to it being the first and the easiest to earn prize of the event.
  • During this event, there's also an increased in players using Stun Grenade, in order to "stop" others from moving, thus allowing them to get headshots easier by getting close to them. Additionally, there's also an increased in players wearing the Ghostbusters Pants to counter being stun by those.
  • During this event, a fair amount of players had been seen wearing The Brazilian Warrior Vest as it resists 60% of Revolver's Damage.

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