• Explosion of a Candy
  • Exploding candy in shop
"Sweets aren't usually this big, but somehow all the explosives had to fit inside."

Explosive Candy is a seasonal gadget that is exclusively available during Halloween Updates 2013, 2014, and 2015. Its price changes in each Update. Beside the unique look, they have a special explosion revealing some bats when exploded, similar to the Halloween Grenade. Similar to normal Dynamite , they take 3 seconds to detonate before wounding any enemy within the blast radius.

Counter guideEdit

Do you hate this gadget? If so, click here to counter this weapon and avoid being tricked!

Trivia Edit

  • The Explosive Candy is mostly used in the event "Monster Mash",Tier 14 as you need to kill 6 people (Monsters) with the Explosive Candy in a single match.
  • It takes training to aim with this Gadget properly because this Grenade jumps and slides over the ground a bit, similar to the Dynamite.
  • This gadget had a comeback during the Explosive Horror week of the Halloween Haunt Event.
  • It can only be obtained during some update or event.
Respawnables - Explosive Candy

Respawnables - Explosive Candy