• Explosion of a Candy
  • Exploding candy in shop
"Sweets aren't usually this big, but somehow all the explosives had to fit inside."

Explosive Candy is a seasonal gadget that is exclusively available during Halloween Updates 2013, 2014, and 2015. It's price changes in each Update. Beside the unique look, they have a special explosion revealing some bats when exploded, similar to the Halloween Grenade. Similar to normal Dynamite , they take 3 seconds to detonate before wounding any enemy within the blast radius.

Counter guide

Do you hate this gadget? If so, click here to counter this weapon and avoid being tricked!


  • The Explosive Candy is mostly used in the event "Monster Mash",Tier 14 as you need to kill 6 people (Monsters) with the Explosive Candy in a single match.
  • It takes training to aim with this Gadget properly because this Grenade jumps and slides over the ground a bit, similar to the Dynamite.
  • This Gadget had a comeback during the Explosive Horror week of the Halloween Haunt Event.
  • It can only be obtained during some update or event.
Respawnables - Explosive Candy00:51

Respawnables - Explosive Candy

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