Elite Enemies Page

Elite Enemies are the best bots at fighting. They have some of the best weapons and gear in the game (for Mission Mode). They can only be appeared ramdomly in some matches.Elite Enemies are recognized by a golden aura surrounding their bodies and their huge size, when killed by the player it will randomly drop an item such as: Gold, Cash, Cash Boosters, Experience Boosters, and Gadgets. At the time when the player unlocked Raptor Blaze, the Elite Enemies will appear by replacing Mike Hunter in the game.

However they have more health than a regular bot so it will take some persistence before you can get their loot. The higher your level, the stronger they become (unless you fight Mad Cop, depends on personal experience).

Elite Enemy ListEdit

They only appear sometimes and you must be a certain level to unlock them. In order, here are the elite enemies:


Weapon Used

Duration Level
Bronco Little Italy Level 1 - 5
Bio Hazard Blunderbuss Level 6 - 10
Hammer Missile Launcher Level 11 - 15
Mad Cop Dual Machine Guns Level 16 - 20
Flame Guitar Machine Gun Level 21 - 25
Eagle Revolver Level 26 - 30
Rex Howitzer Gun Level 31 - 35
Blizzard Siege Cannon Level 36 - 40
Nightmare Double Barrel Shotgun Level 41 - 45
Whiplash Dual Revolvers Level 45 - 50

Drops Edit

These Drop items are available to the iOS version of the game and on the Android version as well.


Glorious Gold! You know its worth it when this drops

  • Cash: 125 Cash icon-250 Cash icon-500 Cash icon
  • Gold: 5 GoldIcon
  • Small XP Booster
  • Small Cash Booster
  • Gadget: Varies
  • Medal: Drops when killed by a bot, however there is a very small chance to get a medal as a drop when getting the kill.Medal can also be dropped if the boss auto killed himself.

Replacement Levels Edit

Elite Enemies will not stay forever, When a player begins to progress further in the game so do elite enemies. For example, if the player reaches level 6 or higher the Elite enemy Bronco will be replaced by Bio Hazard and the process continues until reaching the final elite enemy, Whiplash whom can never be replaced until a new elite enemy is made in an update. Elite enemies appear once in three to five matches.


  • They CAN be killed by the player with a headshot, however it is incredibly difficult depending on the weapon the player chooses.

    Who said headshoting an elite is impossible?

  • They appear to be hired by AtomDrome (as hitmen) since their equipment is quite expensive.
  • Even if you are at level 50, killing them would still drop the XP Booster, which is useless considering you can't gain any more XP. However, since the update that added prestiging in the game, this is no longer a useless item to drop from Whiplash at this level.
  • Previously, a golden skull can be seen floating on the head of the Elite Enemies. However since the Holiday Update (2014), the skull is no longer there.
  • They can be easily defeated with either the Ghostbusters Trap and/or the Ghost Clamp Trap; however this isn't recommended as it is a complete waste of money.