Dual Weapons are weapons that are held with both hands resulting in some pretty interesting reloads. They usually have pistol-like appearance and usually have high Agility. There are currently 16 Dual Weapons. They are:

  • The Dual Pistols
  • The Haunted Guns
  • The Dual Machine Guns
  • The Dual Grenade Pistols
  • The Dual Revolvers
  • The Dual Rookie Machine Guns
  • The Toxic Guns
  • The Darkness Combo Guns
  • The Dual Stake Launcher
  • Dual Energy Pistols
  • Dual Airsoft SMG
  • Dual Freedom Revolver
  • JP-BEK
  • Dual Blasters
  • Burial Shotguns
  • Dual Flare Gun
  • Dual Stin Blasters
  1. Dual Pistols
  2. Haunted Guns
  3. Dual Machine Guns
  4. Dual Grenade Pistols
  5. Dual Revolvers
  6. Dual Rookie Machine Guns
  7. Toxic Guns
  8. Darkness Combo Guns
  9. Dual Stake Launcher
  10. Dual Energy Pistols
  11. Dual Airsoft SMG
  12. Dual Freedom Revolver
  13. JP-BEK
  14. Dual Blasters
  15. Burial Shotguns
  16. Dual Flare Gun
  17. Dual Stun Blaster

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