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Respawnables - Dual Stake Launcher

This is the page where you can find strategies to conquer the Dual Stake Launcher.

What is the Dual Stake Launcher?

The Dual Stake Launcher is the dual version of the Stake Launcher released in the event Monster Mash 2014 or by purchasing the Halloween Weapon Collection during Halloween Haunt. It is earned by completing the 18th tier of Monster Mash. It has 8 stakes in its clip and is has very poor accuracy. The stakes go the same speed as the Stake Launcher but double the firing rate. It can be very easy to dodge the stakes if you know the trick to do it.

What to Do

Dual Stake Launcher load page
  • Move side to side to dodge the stakes while shooting.
  • If you are engaged in close ranged combat, move around the Dual Stake Launcher player, circling around him to try and confuse him.
  • Stay behind cover and shoot at him!
  • If possible, attack from long distance. The stakes are easier to dodge at long range.

What NOT to Do

  • Never stand still because it would cause the stakes to hit the player causing him to die.
  • Never move straight towards the Dual Stake Launcher user because it would cause the stakes to hit you.
  • If you are hit once, use a Medikit
  • Avoid close range fights.

What to Wear

Head: Any Head Armor that contains 5% Agility or more

Body: Any Body Armor that contains 5% Health or more

Legs: Any Legs Armor that contain 5% Agility or more

What Weapons to Use

Close Range: Blunderbuss, Double Barrel Shotgun, Automatic Shotgun

Medium Range: Revolver, Chemrail, Stig Rifle

Long Range: Hunter Rifle, Howitzer Gun, Thumper

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