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Respawnables - Dual Rookie Machine Guns01:02

Respawnables - Dual Rookie Machine Guns

Dual Rookie Machine Gun Cutted

This is the page where you will learn how to counter any players using the Dual Rookie Machine Guns. As with all other weapons, there are aspects that can be exploited to defeat the player that's using this weapon.

What are the Dual Rookie Machine Guns?

The Dual Rookie Machine Guns are the dual version of the Rookie Machine Guns. They are limited to the Summer Camp Update and had to be earned by killing the same enemy five times in Team vs, using any one of the any Snipers.. They have 60 bullets in its clip (originally 30). They are very deadly at close range and does the same damage as the Siege Cannon.

Learn More about it here.

What to Do

Dual Rookie Machine Guns
  • Strafe left and right.
  • Avoid Engaging the Enemy at close range
  • Keep Moving
  • Use single shot weapons and high speed equipments.
  • Employ Stealth against the wielders of this weapon. Recomended also to use Cyber Ninja Breastplate in a Stealth gadget strategy.
  • Take a lot of cover. Although this may not as effective way. But if done right, you will survive.
  • Use a Stun Grenade if possible and pick up the kill.

What NOT to Do

  • Never stand still
  • Never run right towards the person.
  • Move in a predictable manner.
  • Get too close (Unless you 're using Shotguns).

What to Wear

Head: Any Head Armor with 5% Health or more

Body: Any Body Armor with 5% Health or more

Legs: Any Legs Armor with5% Agility or more

What Weapons to Use

Close Range: Any Shotgun,blunderbuss

Medium Range: Elite Assault Rifle, Scoped Assault RifleRevolver

Long Range: any of the Snipers, Howitzer Gun

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