Dual Pistols Cutted

This page will tell you about the Dual Pistols and how to use it. Hopefully it will help you whenever you are using it!

About Dual Pistols

Dual Pistols are the 12th weapon available for purchase and can be bought for 25,000 Cash icon . It is unlocked at level 15 and has 20 rounds. It boasts high Damage, decent Range, decent Accuracy and very high Agility.


Run And Gun - Use Snake Predator's strategy; charge up to your enemy, surprise them and keep shooting! If your enemy uses Blunderbuss or any Shotgun type weapons back up and keep on shooting. Opponents are able to resist the bullets for a while if they wear defensive armor, mind if they carry powerful weapons, this could prove the pistols somewhat ineffective.

Camping - It is not advised to use these guns from afar due to their low Accuracy, although they are capable of making long range kills thanks to it's decent Range, which is uncommon. This is compensated for by providing you very high Agility allowing you to strafe away from the bullets that come your way, and ensure a quick takedown.

What to Wear/Use ==



Stun Grenade: With this weapon, people mostly use Stun grenade.

Medikit: If you are not wearing any Health enhancing armor then this Gadget can be very helpful in the battlefield.

Spotter: Great to know the location of your targets! After all, who wants to get ambushed?

Mines or Trap Medal: Use these Gadgets when you want to get rid of other players who are using the Run and Gun technique.

Against Others

Machine Guns: Take cover if they are firing from a distance but at close and mid range, start shooting as soon as they get in your sight. Strafe left-right and maintain a little distance between you and your target. While strafing, keep your crosshair on your target

Shotguns: Do not get closer to them and don't let them get closer to you! When they are approaching, back away while shooting at them at mid range. If you are shooting from a distance, then just stand still and keep shooting until your enemy is eliminated. At close range, keep shooting while circling around them in one direction (i.e. left-right/right-left) and try to stay behind their back. If they are too close and you are not confident, run away from them, then shoot again at longer range.

Revolver: At a close encounter, take cover if possible or start shooting at them as soon as you see them. Keep moving left-right and make them miss at least 4 shots. The last two shots probably won't kill you at mid range so just stand still, aim and start firing. They will die before their reloading completes. If they are running towards you from a very long distance, start shooting while moving backwards

Snipers: Snipers are dangerous only when you are moving straight towards them or when you are standing far away from them. So, avoid these two things. A sniper can easily kill you from a distance before you can empty your clip on him. At close and mid range, just don't stand still in front of them. Keep strafing and circle around them, while shooting.

Explosive Weapons: When you are up against one, you must take some covers. When you see one, start shooting. Strafe and move a lot while doing so. When you have to, retreat and take cover. At close range, circle around them might not as effective as they might just auto kill themselves, worst: Kamikaze. Stun them might work as well.

Flare Gun: Do not engage a close ranged combat against this weapon. Instead, start shooting at a very long range and strafe right and left. Keep your distance to mid range. Attacking them while they are busy with other players will work too. Although, there is a chance it will draw their attention to you. If you shot first, you might have already take him down before he can shoot at you. Stun Grenade is the best and the safest way to take them down.

Dos and Don'ts


  • Always keep your weapon loaded.
  • In a close quarter combat or even in a mid range combat, circle around your enemy while shooting at him.
  • Wear at least one Agility boosting armor.
  • Start shooting at your opponent as soon as you see him. (Unless he is at long range.)
  • Always move in a zig-zag pattern when reaching your enemy.
  • Take cover when injured and wait until you are healed completely.
  • Avoid close range combats, especially against close ranged weapons like Shotguns and Flare Gun.
  • When up against long range weapon users, take cover, take a different path and attack them from behind.


  • Do not reload during a battle, unless you have to.
  • Do not ever head straight towards your enemy.
  • Do not fire at enemies from very long range. You will only waste your bullets.
  • Do not stop shooting at your enemy until your enemy dies. (Only at close and mid range)
  • Do not make very predictable moves. (Like following a shotgun user after he takes a turn at a corner or hides behind an object. He could be waiting for you to get closer to him.)
  • Do not stand still while shooting at your enemy. (unless you are shooting at an enemy with a close range weapon from a long distance.)
  • Do not get too close to your enemy. This weapon works great at mid range so maintain a little distance between you and your target. Its damage per bullet doesn't increase significantly at close range.

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