Respawnables - Dual Grenade Pistols00:53

Respawnables - Dual Grenade Pistols

This is a page where you will learn how to counter any player using the Dual Grenade Pistols. While the Dual Grenade Pistols are powerful weapons, it has weaknesses that can be exploited. This page will highlight how to utilize these weaknesses.

What are the Dual Grenade Pistols?

DG Pistols1

Preview of Duel Grenade Pistols

The Dual Grenade Pistols are 2 grenade launchers and two handguns combined. It costs 165,000 Cash icon and could be obtainable for a limited time in the Road To Glory update along with a checkered skin by being on the winning team 5 times in Team vs. It has two grenades in its clip and has high agility.

Click here to learn more about it.

What to Do

  • Using a long ranged weapon such as the sniper will allow you to kill him when you are out of range.
  • Equip the Anti-Explosive armor as it will reduce the damage of the grenades (along with other explosives) by 60% or Red Hero Armor that reduce damage of explosives by 70%
  • If you are running towards the user and he opens fire at you, the best thing to do is keep running directly towards him until you reach him. He'll be forced to auto kill himself, if he has enough time to do that.
  • Move erratically so the Dual Grenade Pistol user will have a hard time predicting your movement.
  • Try to maintain a height advantage so that the grenades can't land on the floor around you.
  • Take advantage of the weapon's reload speed and strike when he is reloading.

What NOT to Do

  • Try not to stay in his range as it is an easy weapon to use - he will kill you quickly.
  • Try also not to camp as the grenade will burst, thus killing you.
  • If you are using a shotgun, do NOT chase after him as he will use the Kamikaze method while running and will kill you in the end.
  • And of course, do NOT stand still no matter what happens
Dual Grenade Pistols

What to Wear

Head: Anti-Explosive Mask

Body: Anti-Explosive Vest

Legs:  Anti-Explosive Pants

What Weapons to Use

Close Range: Any Shotgun

Medium Range: Revolver, Minigun

Long Range: Howitzer Gun, Dragon's Breath Cannon

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