• Dual Energy Pistols In Menu.
  • Dual Energy Pistols Equipped [Front View].
  • The Cyber Ninja Gear.
  • The Cyber Ninja Gear Along With The Dual Energy Pistols.
  • The weapons reload animation (1).
  • The weapons reload animation (2).

The Dual Energy Pistols is an Energy-Based Weapon released during the Holiday Update 2014. It is part of the Cyber Ninja Gear and can only be obtained by purchasing with real world currency. This weapon provides excellent Damage, moderate Range, great Accuracy, and excellent Agility.


This weapon is similar to the dual weapons from Monster Mash, but with a significantly larger clip size. Its tremendous Damage allows players to take down their foes in a matter of seconds. On top of that, the exceptional Agility allows the players to move around very quickly.

However, this weapon has one major drawback, Range. Though the stats displays the Dual Energy Pistols as having two bars of Range, its Range is in fact fairly short. At its relative long ranges, this weapon does not deal very effective Damage. It is advised for players to move up close with this weapon for the kill. Henceforth, it is best to use this weapon as an ideal guns in close combats in small maps such as either Sandtown, Headquarters or Westside District.

Overall, a very fierce pair of energy blazing guns.

Weapon Analysis


  • High Damage output up close enables fast takedowns of enemies.
  • Large clip size allows players to last longer in fights.
  • Fast Agility enables quicker movements.
  • Very fast RoF.
  • Can be buffed by some equipments.



Respawnables - Dual Energy Pistols01:31

Respawnables - Dual Energy Pistols



The Same Logo Is Shown On Both Pistols.

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