Dual Energy Pistols

Dual energy pistols

Dual energy pistols stats

The Dual Energy Pistols is a energy based gun much like the shadow hunter guns. It was introduced during the Christmas Update in December, 2014. This weapon was bought in the Cyber Ninja Gear bundle and skips 3 tiers in Ninja Path.


Run And Gun

You run across the map, and try shoot everything....


This tactic is were you try to outsmart your opponent with quick turns, double backs and even some false grenades .

Clothing and Gadgets

Great to wear

Great to wear as it has 20 health and 7 agility. The anti-explosive armour helps to prevent guns like the thumper from 1 hitting as with the head and body this give you 40% protection and the chest makes revolver less of a threat making the damage 60% less


Clothing for this weapon must focus on the Health or the Agility. It is always a good idea to wear at least one or two part of the Anti-Explosive Pack to survive those pesky thumper people.

You can always wear any other armors if you have one.


If you want to survive longer in battle, use Medikit. Or for spotting every enemy, Spotter. If you don't like trouble, Stun Grenade will help. Any grenade will help to injure them. Stealth will help you a lot but make sure you wear the Cyber Ninja Breastplate to make the gadget last.

Know your Enemies

Against other weapons:

Shotguns - They are extremely dangerous at close range, so take them out before they reach for you. Back off while shooting at them but if you are facing the Hunter Shotgun, make sure to try to take cover whilst running to them.

Automatic Weapons - As it will take some time for them to kill you, you can take them out before they do. If they happen to be very good, make sure you are moving, strafing right and left while shooting. If they are far away or you are losing too much health, take some cover.

Revolver - This weapon is a threat for every other weapons, Thumper included. Strafe a lot against it. Back off while doing so. Enganging them is a big mistake. Go defensive mode against them. If you have the Brazilian Warrior Gear equip the body as it provides 60% damage resistance against this weapon.

Flare Gun - This weapon is infamous for being the only one shot kill weapon in the game. Even with full Anti-Explosive Pack, this weapon is still able to kill you in one shot. Strafe a lot and do not ever remain stationary. If you notice a Flare Gun user in the map, keep your eyes out for them. They usually focus on agility, so 3-4 shots and they should be dead. If you have to take some cover, do it. The only way to stop them from killing you directly is to use either Black Hero Armor or A.S.P. Armor, WITH both health perks bought.

Sniper - If they headshot you, you are done for it. Keep moving while shooting at them. Don't run straight towards them. This weapon gives a good agility, so just run and strafe while shooting, or hide behind something so they can't target for your body.

Explosive Weapons - They are quite tough to beat, but as you are faster than them (usually explosive weapons are slow) you have an advantage. Run and strafe while shooting at them, and take a lot of covers. At shot ranged combat, just shoot at them without any hesitation.

Advantages and Disadvantages


Dual energy pistol bullets much like plasma shotgun and chemrail


  • Moderate accuracy.
  • Very few hits to kill
  • Good agility
  • Short reloading time
  • Great RoF(Rate of Firing) (20 bullets in 6.5 seconds)


  • The effective range is relatively short

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