Is there a Dual Airsoft SMG user that ruined your fun? Looking upon some vengeance on him? This page tells how to get your revenge in the easiest way possible.
Dual Airsoft SMG

Dual Airsoft SMG

What is the Dual Airsoft SMG?

The Dual Airsoft SMG was first introduced in the Earth Day as the last tier prize. You needed 39000 points in order to claim this weapon. The event is currently EXPIRED. It is very similar to the Dual Machine Guns in stats but it has 42 rounds in a clip instead of 40.

What to Do

  • Ambush: If you are worried that he will kill you, simply hide behind and object and wait until he gets near, than surprise him with a devastating attack.

What NOT to Do

  • Run straight at the user.
  • Use low level weapons, like Dual Pistols.
  • Standing still while shooting.
  • Attack while injured.

What to Wear

Head: : Any Health/Agility head part.

Body:: Any Health body part.

Legs:: Any Agility legs part.

What Weapons to Use

Close Range: Any kind of Shotguns

Medium Range: Revolver, Minigun

Long Range: Any kind of sniper, Battle Ram, Howitzer Gun

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