Dragon's Breath Cannon

Any Dragon's Breath Cannon user is a BIG PROBLEM in general! You will get annoyed a lot by those users; however, this Guide can help against them.

What is the Dragon's Breath Cannon?

The Dragon's Breath Cannon is the final prize of the Chinese New Year (Event). It has the same stats as the Howitzer Gun, but it's damage is much higher, allowing it to one-shot-kill players easier.

What to Do

  • Back and forth: When running straight forward at the users face, when he shoots you can back down, receiving less damage from the explosion, having a chance to get the user.
    • WARNING: This Strategy is not very effective since the bullets of the Dragon's Breath Cannon have a very fast travel speed, so don't always depend on it.
  • Last Breath: If you are only inches from death, then engage in close combat while constantly moving around the user. If executed correctly, the Dragon's Breath Cannon user will be forced to shoot at his own feet, damaging himself in the process. By sidestepping from one side of the user to the other, you can also disrupt his aim and force him to spend time turning around to face you.
  • Ambush: If the user is not using the Spotter, you can hide in corners until the user comes, and then surprise him with a Brutal attack.
  • Using Sniper: Most Dragon's Breath Cannon Users will be camping since the weapons Agility is poor, so you can use any Sniper and headshot him.
  • Use other Explosives against the user. Although, there is a chance where the user is wearing armors that reduce the damages from explosives. Only use this Strategy when the user is seen to not wearing any of that.
  • Approach him when he is reloading.

What NOT to Do

  • Running in open spaces.
  • Running straight forward at the user.
  • Using Machine Guns, because its the easiest target for any Explosives user, unless you are wearing any armor that reduces the damage from every kind of the Explosives.
  • Avoid standing next to walls.

What to Wear

Head:  Anti-Explosive Mask or any other Head Armor that boosts at least 10% Health.

Body: Anti-Explosive Vest or any other Body Armor that boosts at least 10% Health.

Legs: Anti-Explosive Pants or any other Legs Armor that boosts at least 10% Health.

Armor: Red Hero Armor or Black Hero Armor

Or if you have both explosion resistance perks, you can wear at least 20% Health, you can barely survive one hit from the Dragon's Breath Cannon when at full Health, but if you used Medikit, you can make him waste both of his shots and have to reload, giving you a Big Time chance to kill him.

What Weapons to Use

Close Range: Any of the Shotguns, only if you can survive a hit or using the Ambush tactic.

Medium Range: Revolver, Hunter Shotgun by using the Back and forth tactic.

Long Range: any Sniper, Howitzer Gun

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