• Dragon's Breath Cannon In Menu.
  • The Dragon's Breath Cannon Equipped (Front View).
  • A closer look of the Dragon's Breath Cannon.
  • The Dragon's Breath Cannon equipped (Back View).
  • The Dragon's Breath Cannon Equipped (Right-side View).
  • The Dragon's Breath Canon's bullet when fired.
  • The weapon's reload animations (1).
  • The weapon's reload animations (2).
  • The weapon as seen in-game.
  • The weapon in real life

The Dragon's Breath Cannon is a heavy weapon introduced in the Chinese New Year Update 2015. It inflicts excellent Damage, has infinite Range, great Accuracy but poor Agility. It was also the final prize of trial 1 of Chinese New Year 2 (Event).


The Dragon's Breath Cannon is like a combination of the Howitzer's projectile speed + Agility and the Thumper's strength and blast radius, but with only 2 rounds. Due to this, this weapon is extremely good at long range and taking out targets without any explosive-resistant armor. Be cautious about its magazine size since it can deplete very quickly, so it is best when staying out of the enemies' reach (and also to avoid getting auto-killed) or camp on the high grounds. Camping with this gun is also great as it has a long Range. This is an excellent weapon, so it is worth using it for any medium or long ranged fights.This weapon is usually a one shot kill but if people are wearing more than 20% health then you will need both shots to kill them.


To get the best out of this weapon, follow the instructions on this guide.

Or if you have enough of it click here.



  • Has the capability of a one-shot kill on anyone with less than 20% protective armour or without both the Reduce Damage by Explosives perks.
  • Has 2 ammo capacity unlike Thumper (1 ammo) which gives you a second chance if you miss on the first shot.
  • Infinite Range.
  • Decent RoF.
  • Accurate when standing still.
  • Very big explosion radius, about the same size as the Thumper.
  • Unlike the Thumper, its projectile travels as fast as the Howitzer Gun's projectile.
  • It's damage can be buffed by 25% with the "Wasp" Head equipped.


  • Auto kill is easy without wearing armor that provides resistance against explosives.
  • Agility is dramatically reduced when using this weapon.
  • Takes at least 3 shots on players wearing the Anti-Explosive Pack, Red Hero Armor, Black Hero Armor.
  • Low ammo capacity (2 rounds).
  • Slightly inaccurate when moving.
  • Slow reload speed of about 2 seconds.
  • With a slow reload and poor Agility, you are very vulnerable when both shots have been depleted.


Respawnables - Dragon's Breath Cannon01:23

Respawnables - Dragon's Breath Cannon


  • The Dragon's Breath Cannon is the second explosive weapon capable of killing unarmored players in one shot, the Thumper was the first one.
    • It has exactly the same damage as the Thumper's, thus people with both health skill perks and 20% health boost can survive a single shot from this weapon. Usually, the second shot will do the finisher shot.
  • The Dragon's Breath Cannon may have been inspired by the firework cannons used in Chinese ships to fire fireworks into the air.
  • This is the first heavy weapon to be available as the main Event prize.
  • The explosion effects caused by the Dragon's Breath Cannon is almost similar to that of the Firecracker Gadget which was also released during the Chinese New Year (Event).
  • Strangely, it is considered a weapon that is suitable for week 2 of Summer Camp 2, indicating that the Dragon's Breath Cannon is a Rocket Launcher weapon.
  • It made a comeback in the 2015 Top Event Weapons.
  • Intrestingly, the weapon's bullets will explode 6 seconds upon firing.
  • Its projectile speed is same that of the Howitzer.
  • This weapon made a comeback during the first trial of Chinese New Year 3 (Event) for $5.99 Dollar1!
  • This weapon shares the same stats with Anti-Tank Type-33 and the Rail Gun.

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