Double Barrel Shotgun Cutted

This is the page where you will learn how to counter the Double Barrel Shotgun. While the Double Barrel Shotgun is one of the most powerful gold weapons in the game, there are certain traits that can be exploited in order to stay alive or to defeat the user.

What is the Double Barrel Shotgun?Edit

The Double Barrel Shotgun is a shotgun that cost 500 GoldIcon. It was also obtainable in the Easter Egg Hunt for 100 eggs, Road to Glory 2016, and the Halloween Haunt. It has 10 bullets in its "clip" and it is instant kill at point blank provided you don't use the Close-Quarters Vest. 

Learn more about it here.

What to DoEdit

  • Equip the Close Quarters Vest to get 60% damage reduction from the Double Barrel Shotgun. It will give you enough time to deal with the enemy as they will need extra shots to kill you.
    • Equip the Biker Pants for even more protection. It reduces the damage done by shotguns by 20%. With the Close Quarters Vest, you have 80% total protection.
    • Leprechaun's Hat reduces 30% damage of this weapon.
      • Combined with the other two said gear will provide 110% damage reduction against this weapon: Which means no damage will be done to you! Even S.F. Headset won't help your opponent now.
  • Stay at long-range and kill the player with either long-range or explosive weapons such as the Howitzer Gun or the Guitar Machine Gun.
Better quality double barrel shotgun skin image
  • When forced to fight at close range, circle around/strafe a lot and shoot him. This can sometimes work, only if your movements aren't easily predictable. This tactic is also only truly effective when equipped with full agility.
  • If he's charging at you, shoot him, sometimes you might even headshot him.
  • Stagger left to right so your opponent would definitely miss (50%) since the Double Barrel Shotgun has low accuracy.
  • Use Spotter to know the location of the user. Sometimes, they hide behind the wall, waiting for their next victim.

What NOT to DoEdit

  • Run straight at the player.
  • Fight within Close Range.
  • Stand still while shooting.
  • Wait for him to make the first shot.

What to WearEdit

Head: Leprechaun's Hat, or any Head Armor that has 5% Agility or Health or more.

Body: Close-Quarters Vest, or any Body Armor that has 7% Agility or Health or more.

Legs: Biker Pants, or any Legs Armor that has 5% Agility or Health or more.

What Weapons to UseEdit

Close Range: The close range weapon you're best at. (Example: Blunderbuss)

Medium Range: Revolver.

Respawnables - Double Barrel Shotgun

Respawnables - Double Barrel Shotgun

Long Range: Any. (Howitzer is recommended)