Better quality desert storm image

Desert Storm is a deal that comes with the Scoped Assault Rifle, Desert equipment, and 200 GoldIcon. It costs $18.99 Dollar1.

Worth your Money?Edit

Buying this deal set is well worth it as new players will have quick access to the Desert equipment and Scoped Assault Rifle, which provides the player 30% additional health along with a very good gun.

This deal is of a higher value for money than the first package and the first bundle (Green Beret, Dual Machine Guns, a bit of Gold and Cash Green Beret and the Little Italy) as those packages are extremely easy to catch up to (3,750 Cash icon is the equivalent of a couple of game's worth of income etc.). This deal is an okay price and is probably worth a buy for lower levled players, considering the fact it includes a gun that is avoided by higher levels.

If you are a money saver, we do not recommend you to buy this bundle since you can get this pieces individually, but you can get 200+ gold when you buy this bundle.

Desert Pants

The full desert outfit you receive when buying the pack.