Respawnables - Darkness Combo Guns01:04

Respawnables - Darkness Combo Guns

This is the page where strategies of countering the Darkness Combo Guns are.

What is the Darkness Combo Guns?

The Darkness Combo Guns are a combination of a Toxic Gun and a Haunted Gun introduced in the event and update Monster Mash. It cost $11.99 Dollar1 along with the Shadow Hunter Pack. Its damage is boosted by the Shadow Hunter Braid by 60%. It has poor range and damage with the exception of when equipping the Darkness Combo Guns with the Shadow Hunter Braid.

Learn more about it here.
Darkness Combo Guns cutted

What to Do

  • Do not engage in a close range battle.
    • In the event of getting in a close ranged fight, circle around the user.
  • Strafe left-right around him.
  • When using Shotguns, try to sneak up on him.
  • Attack from a far.
  • Seek lots of cover.
  • Use single shot weapons as they usually deal more damage.

What NOT to Do

  • Stand still
  • Do not charge toward the Darkness Combo Guns user
  • Do not make predictable moves.
  • Don't fight these guns at close range as they kill VERY quickly at short range.

What to Wear

Head: Any equipment that gives you agility boost.

Body: Shadow Hunter Guard (60% damage protection) Monster Vest and Warlock Coat (40% damage protection)

Legs: Any equipment that gives you agility boost.

What Weapons to Use

Close Range: Any Shotguns

Darkness combo guns

Medium Range: Revolver, Assault Weapons

Long Range: Sniper Rifle, Anti Material Sniper, Hunter Rifle, Howitzer Gun

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