The Darkness Combo Guns is a new dual weapon introduced in the Respawnables. It is a premium weapon that can only be obtained by purchasing the limited-time Shadow Hunter Pack during the Halloween 2014 Update. It has 12 bullets and fires faster than the Dual Pistols. It has great damage, moderate range, poor accuracy and excellent agility.


  • The Guns as seen on the loading screen.
  • The Darkness Combo Guns!
  • The weapon equipped (front view).
  • The weapons reload animation (1).
  • The weapons reload animation (2).

The Darkness Combo Guns are basically a hybrid of the Toxic Guns and Haunted Guns just colored in red and black instead of their usual color. Use it just like what you would do with the Halloween guns, but go to the next target immediately as they can kill enemies very quickly.

It is advised to always wear the Shadow Hunter Pack since it boosts its damage and agility better than the Warlock Gear and Monster Gear. However, if you would like to use the two said gears with this weapon, it is fine to do so despite a lower boost is provided by both gears.

A quick and general guide to counter this weapon, is to equip either the Warlock Coat or the Monster Vest to reduce incoming damages from this weapon. If possible, Shadow Hunter Guard with nullify the damage boost of this weapon sufficiently.

Weapon Analysis Edit


  • Fast fire rate.
  • Good agility.
  • Can have dual stats boost, by equipping Warlock Boots or Monster Pants, the user will have 5% health AND 5% agility.
    • With Shadow Hunter Pants, the user will receive a better boost of10% health AND 7% agility boost at the same time.
  • Effective in close range.
  • Quick reload.
  • Good damage, coupled with the Warlock Eyes, or the Monster Face, or the Shadow Hunter Braid, it deals even more damage.
  • Rare to see a player using.
  • Can strangely be buffed by the B.B set!


  • Little ammunition, just 12 rounds.
  • To use it effectively, the player needs to go closer to the enemy for faster kill since it has short range.
  • Bad accuracy.
  • Does reduced damage against enemies with the Warlock Coat, Monster Vest and Shadow Hunter Guard.


  • The Darkness Combo Guns have the Howitzer's firing sound, making it sound like the Howitzer Gun shooting rapidly.
  • It emits 2 different colored glows on the hand, making the Weapon fairly noticeable or identified especially in dark maps. Also, when the bullets hits an object (e.g. a wall) it will give off a burst of light.
  • It is one of the earliest weapon along with the other Halloween guns, to have its stats boosted when equipped with items from the same Bundle.
  • The rate of fire is 4 shots per second.
  • It takes 5-7 shots to take down an opponent without the Shadow Hunter Braid, but only 2-3 shots with it.
  • If headshot occurred, the damage will be exactly the same as Revolver's normal damage without the Shadow Hunter Braid, but with the head gear, it is exactly the same as the Revolver's headshot damage.
  • One weapons seems to resemble the Colt Peacemaker, the other resembling a Flare Gun.
  • It has the same stats as the Toxic Guns, Haunted Guns, Dual Grenade Pistols and the Dual Pistols.
  • This is YouDoneSon's most often-used weapon of choice.
  • During the Spooky Nights (Update), this weapon can be nerfed to 100% if a player is wearing the Shadow Hunter Guard.

Video Edit

Respawnables - Darkness Combo Guns

Respawnables - Darkness Combo Guns

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